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California Crime Scene cleanup begins when the authorities end their investigation and release the death scene. Biohazard cleaners remove and clean areas soiled by the biohazards created by homicides, Crime Scenes, decompositions, and unattended deaths.

What to expect.

Call at any hour, any day, for Alachua crime scene cleanup help. You will reach a professional crime scene cleaner. It's important to ask questions about what to expect. There are no charges for information calls.


California crime scene cleanup companies offer homicide, suicide, unattended death with decomposition cleanup. Other blood cleanup related services offered include accidental death cleanup and trauma cleanup. These events often call for a professional cleaner. As such, home owners often choose to use their home owner's insurance.

California Crime Scene Cleanup offers to remove source material, scrub and rinse, disinfect, and continue this biohazard cleanup until reaching a pre-incident condition, and then some.



Homicide Cleanup

Homicide cleanup, generally, requires removal of great quantities of blood. Most adult males contain as much as 8 gallons of water mixed with a wide variety of tissue and chemicals. Where this blood goes during a violent death by hand gun, rifle, shotgun, or blunt-trauma weapon depends on a number of variables.

Weather and temperature, humidity, environment, insect and animal life, these all come into play for homicide cleanup in Alachua. Alachua's tropical-like conditions in summer months lead to rapid decomposition. Because of the great variety of insect life in Alachua, a body's rate of decomposition may increase, even for a homicide. Law enforcement officers have their investigation duties. Their investigation may take days, even weeks. During this time a dwelling or other building remains closed and sealed.

Once opened, family or business owners may begin accessing the damage. If a family, family members may chose to do their own blood cleanup tasks. For these families I recommend using the Internet for information. For example, a visit to university pages for bloodborne pathogen rules or trauma cleanup helps. A visit to do it yourself blood cleanup may reveal some insights into a significant blood cleanup.

Most usually, a family choosing to clean after a homicide in their family do so for money reasons. Hiring a professional cleaner costs money. It's easier for a family with a low income or no income to learn to clean up a significant amount of blood then to pay out needed money. In such cases, those doing the cleaning need to know that there's still money to be spent. For Southern California feces cleanup services, it's best to shop around.



Blood Cleanup

Good, thick, 3 mil, black bags, perhaps a dozen paper towel rolls, a few gallons of bleach, and other materials help with most death cleanup tasks. Some people use Simple Green or Zep Citrus Orange for blood cleanup. Zep seems to have a wider cleaning use for most death cleanup work.

Paper towels placed over great quantities of blood help in a few ways. One, by convening blood it's no longer visible and helps to relieve anxiety. Two, covering blood allows for moist or wet blood to begin soaking into these towels. Three, simply placing a strong solution of bleach and water upon these towels helps to begin decontaminating this offending material. Slowing its odor producing microorganisms' reproduction with a bleach and water solution becomes a recurring part of the cleaning process.

It's important to never pour too much cleaning solution over a blood soiled area; doing so causes a bloody mess to begin migrating across the floor. Perhaps a toilet, wall, or stairs become soiled soon after too much solution reaches the blood and so on.

It's always best to do blood cleanup slowly and deliberately. Each step becomes part of a plan. As needed, the plan changes to fit the situation. Where opening bags becomes the first chore, spraying peroxide the second, reversing this order may have some benefits. It depends on whether or not a person works alone or has help. Alone, then there's no one to open bags while peroxide highlights the soiled area.

It's important then to plan and follow a plan; it's also important to have some flexibility for your plan. Unforeseen step cause slow downs and discouragement. Discouragement need not occur if work has a slow application and plenty of break time. Break time in the beginning serves two very important ends. One, it gives crime scene cleaners an opportunity to rest. Two, it gives cleaners an opportunity to give feedback to one another; if working alone, it gives the cleaner an opportunity to think over what they've accomplished.

There are times when cleaning that a cleaner sees an opportunity to complete an horrific task if they perform it on the spur-of-the-moment. In such cases it's usually better to go ahead and get it done. This shows a willingness to alter a cleaning plan for the sake of expediency. Where would such an occurrence arise? Here's one example: in a bedroom, on the bed, a great quantity of bloody pillows, bloody blankets, and bloody clothes remain. Although a cleaner may have committed to cleaning the floor before all else, it would be a pity to ignore the will to remove these objects while the floor remained soiled.

It's OK to step in blood. It's not a good practice, though. Be sure to have a bleach and water soaked towel, even paper towels for removing blood as work continues. It's not the end of the world because someone has blood on their feet. It comes off. Continue working. Besides, foot gear should reflect a cleaner's protective clothing.


Protecting Clothing

If you must do a low budget crime scene cleanup, then we'll assume that you have limited money for protective clothing. In such cases it's best to wear a long-sleeve shirt. You need not throw it away or any other clothing used during blood cleanup. A hot water wash with a strong detergent will remedy this once blood soiled fabric. If bleach won't hurt the clothing, use it too.

You must wear goggles, a mouth cover of some sort as well as something to cover your nose. Also, good gloves must include duplicate pairs. Harbor Freight sells extremely good blood cleanup gloves. At some of these stores gloves come up to the elbows. They sometimes sell for less than $5 a pair.

A good, metal dust pan will help when ready to pick up soiled paper towels. Once in the pan, towels and other cleaning debris go into the black bags, which should be tripled. A strong bleach solution added to these bags will help reduce the blood inside to a non-offensive matter. Adding a good strong laundry detergent gives the contents a nice odor. If left to dwell for a few days, these bags and their contents become rather inoffensive. It's always important to use an adequate, but not excessive amount of bleach, water, and detergent in these bags. If one were to error in over using a liquid, it should be bleach. Keep in mind, bags may leak. It's always best to place them outdoors on dirt when adding your bleach solution.


Adding a bleach and detergent solution helps destroy blood's offensive odors. Almost miraculously when done correctly, the contents come out "whiter-than-white" without any traces of blood or other substances. If left to dwell long enough, the paper turns into a mush. Find biohazardous material in these bags becomes an absurd hunt. It's not there.

Never, ever place untreated blood containing bags in a community waste can. Any bags once soiled by blood must go to a landfill by the responsible cleaner. It's the person doing the work, doing the bagging of once bloody material that escorts these bags to a landfill. If there are any remnants of blood remaining in such bags, then landfill personnel need to know. If contents look like a white mush and smell like a fresh load of laundry, it's hard to see why anyone would object to leaving these tripled bagged contents in a landfill. When in doubt, check it out.



Blood migration across floors depends on weather, temperature, type of floor covering, floors angle, and debris on floor. This migration places much at risk as far as labor and "chasing" blood flow. Toilets with poor chalking as well as bathtubs with poor chalking allow blood and other fluids to seep below. Once below, these fluids may migrate below the floor into below rooms. In apartments this becomes a very special issue for all involved. Blood will and does find its way to the ceiling in below apartments and condominiums. It does leak onto beds and floors below in the worse circumstances; therefore, knowing what may happen with blood on the loose helps. What happens with types of floors -- in part:

Wood: wood floors may require partial removal if blood soaks too long in one place. Older homes without adequately maintenance wood floors may deteriorate too much for restoration. Newer homes with their new floors, when properly maintenance, should not require removal in most cases. Alachua's humidity will add to the possibility of floor damage because blood takes longer to dry. Where a floor has not allowed blood to leak into the subfloor, then it will often rebound with a good scouring. This assumes that a sealer coat placed over the once soiled area will not offend occupants. In other words, a carpet or other floor covering will follow crime scene cleanup. When a floor consists of plywood it should not allow blood seepage. It may receive damage from piddled blood and other fluids. These materials will deeply stain plywood floors. A deep scouring with a thick Zinnsser B-I-N sealer should remove odors or at least cause them to subside to imperceptible levels.

With peak oil production causing Alachua' gas market jitters, we're looking at more recessional problems. High energy problems soon to hit Alachua spell trouble. Suicide cleanup will probably increase for our worst hit residents. At this stage of California's development, it has become known as the third place homeless families within its borders.

Now as we might expect, California crime scene cleanup continues to rank poorly on the Internet. This may have no importance for most people in California. Poor ranking by my web sites means fewer people learn about county coroner and medical examiner employee cronyism. Cronyism means that a corrupt relationships exists between government employees and private business. We're more accustomed to seeing cronyism occur in our nations capital. Corporations and government agencies have a "revolving door" for many high ranking corporate and Pentagon employees. As a consequence our county ends up buying inferior and useless goods.

Not only that, we end up buying very expensive defense equipment that does not increase our national security. I recall how the Bush administration prepared its finance administrators to find billions of dollars for "Star Wars" research. Then 9/11 came and it seemed that Star Wars lost its audience and financial resources. An airliner comes much more cheaply than a space defense system. And a nuclear bomb in a suitcase come even more cheaply; hence, priorities for consumers come first in a citizen lead government and crony free business environment.

It's likewise with county employees and private businesses, crime scene cleanup businesses, that is. A crime scene cleanup company needs transparency when it comes to its dealings with government offices. It's not good for the public to have a blind spot when dealing with death cleanup administrators. For instance, a county administration employee doing their "due diligence" may easily direct families to any list of crime scene cleanup companies.


County employees' monopoly over California Crime Scene Cleanup promises to continue indefinitely. Like other California Crime Scene Cleanup web sites that belong to me, this one offers more information.

Eddie Evans has owned his crime scene cleanup company for 10 years. With lots of experience cleaning after violent deaths, including accidental death cleanup. I will refer families to an accidental death cleanup company if asked.

I have made recent changes to Crime Scene Cleaners Directory for use by all. Additional information on homicide cleanup remains available at crime scene cleanup. If you have an interest in learning more about corruption in crime scene cleanup, visit this Orange County consumer fraud page and its cousin, Orange County fraud.