California Unattended Death Cleanup Services

My California unattended death cleanup services deliver 15 years of experience in the death cleanup field. All of my clients receive a written guarantee in writing before I begin work to ensure them that they will receive the best possible service and I will return to ensure this is so. So it's to my own benefit to do the job well the first time around. Unlike some of my competitors, I do not insist that my clients sign off on a waiver form releasing me from cleaning responsibilities in the future; it's the opposite. I want to know when I may fail so that I can improve. Fortunately for me and others, I returned to two death scene cleanup's in 15 years.

Questions I ask

I'm Eddie Evans and I believe it's my responsibility to help scholars understand some of the conditions involved in unattended death cleanup work. To this end I asked a series of questions to help my clients focus on the really important issues. I ensure that my clients understand that California does not have a law requiring professional death cleanup company services were death cleanup. The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal OSHA) does require that employees receive blood-borne pathogen training before entering a workplace where they may become contaminated by human blood. Other than this, until otherwise informed, it is my belief that families can cleanup after their own family death scenes.

  • Ask questions much like these:
  • Do you have insurance and have you called your homeowners insurance company?
  • Do you know where the death occurred in the building?
  • Where did the death take place?
  • Did this death occur as the result of an assult or suicide?
  • What furnishings if any were contaminated by the death?
  • How and when will you pay?

If you are calling from outside of California, from which state are you calling? If you are calling from outside of California, will you be present during the unattended death cleanup service? Will you have a responsible party available during the if you will not be available?

Each of these questions helps to inform me about the nature of the death scene while helping to alert my callers to the tasks and resources they have at hand. I know beforehand that most callers know about the nature of an death cleanup; in fact, only by cleaning after a death will a cleaner, professional or not, gain the skills and knowledge best applied to this type of death cleanup. Most of us have the required skills before we begin.

Sometimes I must travel great distances for an unattended death cleanup service and asking the above questions helps me to focus on what I will need. These questions also help callers focus on the issues they may have to confront. In any case, I have a duty to those callers interested in learning about this type of cleaning. I believe that I must help them through their ordeal by helping them learn about what's involved. We all understand that nothing really moves forward in the building until a death cleanup takes place, and knowing what this means helps family and friends understand what they must expect. See this unattended death cleanup information psge if you care to learn about the nuts-and-bolts of this type of infectious material cleanup.


A Guarantee Example

Mrs. J.

This email should serve as as a written guarantee in any California small claims court. It has my AOL time stamp (recognized by courts in-liew of signatures).

If I have cleaned for you in the past then you will be pleased that my cleaning fees have not changed.
Does this unattended death cleanup follow the death of a homicide or suicide victim? Or, is this death a natural death due to illness, old age, or other such condition? This question go to alerting me to the tools and materials required for cleaning.
Did the decedent remain down longer than 24 hours?
Do you know if fulids migrated to a wall, stairwell, or other structure with a seam or crevice?
My fee remains fixed between $2 and $6 for this death scene cleanup. My fee includes the cost of all materials and equipment that I migh need.
Be aware that unattended death cleanup odors consist of sufur-like fragrances embued with fecal matter and other types of decomposing materials. These odors may take a few days to vanish, become imperceptible. It's the case that whenever decomposition occurs for a long period of time the offending off-gassed odors permiate cellular materials, manufactured and natural (carpet padding and wood for example).
My price and work remain guaranteed.

Homeowners Insurance

If the unattended death occurred in a California homeowners insurance policy covered the property at the time of death, a claim may be made for damage property. Although, many times damage to the structure itself must occur before the homeowner can use the homeowners insurance. In such cases, body fluids will have migrated into a wall or walls and seeped into the subfloor of one or more rooms. In such cases the soiled material should be removed given the circumstances. At times it's possible to thoroughly clean these soiled materials and then seal them. But this is up to the homeowner.

Most times neither carpet nor furniture will not be covered by homeowners policy. However, I have knowing that in some cases when a homeowner had a long history with the policy and few claims, and paid a good deal for their insurance, their insurance companies have kicked in enough to cover cleaning expenses replace damage materials.


Payment by Check

I accept payment by check from families and small and large corporations. I asked the checks be made out to Eddie Evans and usually these checks are cashed within hours of their reception.

California Housing Management Companies

Because I have served as an unattended death cleanup practitioner for over 15 years in California, I have a number of large California housing management companies that a service throughout the year. It happens that when the temperature goes up so to do unattended deaths throughout California. It happens that the elderly succumb to the stresses of heat and most often this occurs in the early morning hours upon awakening.

For some of these renters, their absence from everyday life in their apartment or condominium complex goes without notice because they have been reclusive throughout their stay over the months or years. So it is not unusual for them to go without notice until somebody notices a distinguishable odor. And that's when I receive calls. From the callers a accept checks and ask for payment within 30 days, but usually overlook another week or so.


Small and Large California Corporations

Because of their financial structure, small and large businesses cannot cut checks immediately upon the completion of my unattended death cleanup service. As a result I accept payment within 30 days as noted above. Sometimes these businesses need my services for other than unattended death cleanup which may include homicides and suicides. In any case, I do my best to help them meet their cleaning needs as well as Arizona, Delaware, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Although this may seem unusual, over the years I have cleaned in 24 states, if I count California is one of the states. At one time I could fly to the East Coast, take a Two Maryland farm where I kept the cleaning van, and drive to northern New York State as well as New Jersey and return. Because I offered the lowest bid I receive these jobs. So you can imagine what type of money my competitors were charging, as today.

It happens that my unattended death cleanup services most often costs much less than my competitors because I neither have employees nor do I give a 10% kickback to California County coroner employees. California residents are not the only US citizens to suffer at the hands of greedy corners employees. As best as I can tell this type of cronyism between County coroner employees and private businesses known as crime scene cleanup or biohazard cleanup companies has no sign of abating in the name of common decency.

N0 Credit Cards

I do not accept credit cards because the expense of maintaining a credit card account is not cost-effective. My clients have no problem paying cash or by check. In this way I helped to keep my overall costs down and see my clients money, including homeowners insurance companies.

Here's a short California history that looks at California crime scene cleanup and blood cleanup in big terms. Los Angeles receives serious attention in this history.

Here's a Delaware page for more information.

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