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Do not trust government employees to send you to a decent biohazard cleanup company. They receive a finders fee in return for sending families to biohazard cleanup companies.


What do we mean by the term biohazard?

Many callers and others I talk with seem uncertain of just what biohazard means. Some believe that it applies to crime scene cleanup and little else. Biohazard applies to many living and dead organisms; in the case viruses, the idea of biohazards becomes quite scary.

Here's a broad approach to understanding what we mean by biohazards. This list shows that biohazards have many shapes, sizes, and habitats -- homes. Some do good for us; some do bad for us, all have their place in nature.

Biohazards in General

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In the context of this biohazard cleanup web site, I use this term in a narrow sense as does The Center for Disease Control (CDC). Biohazard; it applies to blood cleanup following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and more. Human blood now universally carries bloodborne pathogens. Although a fiction, we try to invoke universal protections when in the presence of human blood. By default, it carries bad germs, bloodborne pathogens, maybe.

No, we do not need to get down on our knees and pay homage to this new universal precautions to something as common as mother's milk; we do need to treat it with the utmost respect to avoid spreading dangerous viruses and other disease carrying microorganisms. Biohazard cleanup practitioners wear protective clothing and equipment as a result of universal precautions.


Biohazards in biohazard cleanup following violent deaths pertain to wet, moist, and flaked human blood. We consider human tissue and fluids as potentially infectious materials (OPIM). These we include under our rubric, biohazard cleanup. As a result of deadly viruses found in human blood, a professional biohazard cleaner's service should be sought for traumatic blood loss of great amounts.

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Bloodborne Biohazards

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Viruses - Hantavirus

Family Biohazard Cleanup Information

Biohazard cleanup usually entails certain skills, abilities, and knowledge to be done correctly and safely. For small biohazard cleanups, kits may be found online. Families may wish to clean after traumatic blood losses in their own home.

Homicides, suicides, and decomposition following unattended deaths bring up to persuade most families to find somebody that does this type of work for a living. But not everybody has discretionary incomes, especially these days. So if you like to save a few thousand dollars if not more, give some thought to what I write here. You need not follow my directions. You can create your own tools and her own approaches. The important thing is to work safely and patiently.

So long as they do not do it for pay, they can legally do so. This work entails blood cleanup of one sort or another. Blood by default is a biohazard, according to The Center for Disease Control (CDC). Safe working conditions should direct any biohazard cleanup efforts. Always do a biohazard cleanup as if cleaning for a toddler's us of the soiled room.


Bathroom Decomposition Cleanup

Here's a list that is neither complete nor mandatory, but useful if you have the wherewith all for some or all of it. Things you need to have or do:

Here's an example of a telephone call for service, which I could not provide because of time and distance; note my comments to this encouraged caller.


Conversation with a caller --

Caller: My mother passed away in her bathroom 3 days ago. I cannot afford to hire a crime scene cleaner to remove her remains. You are the only one that I can afford. Can you help?

Eddie: Your mother's home is beyond the scope of my cleaning these days.

The big deal here is that the death scene is in a bathroom, which is usally the least troublesome. This means it requires sanitizing and scrubbing and rinsing, little else; I say, "little else" unless the fluids leaked under the toilet, in which case you should remove it once everything else is clean and sanitized.

With a five gallon pail you can easily pour bleach on the offending, dry fluids. This will begin to destroy the odor while disinfecting the infectious materials, if any remain. The pail allows you to control the rate of bleach application rather then the surging bleach from a gallon bottle upon the floor.

Take care not to splash the bleach or use too much; if too much you may create a runoff to the walls or elsewhere.

With a good straw or plastic broom, scrub the floor, toilet, bathtub, or other soiled materials. If the toilet works and is clean enough, place your broom's working end in the toilet's water. Agitate, and flush the toilet. Pour bleach in the toilet water to bleach your broom. Using bleach and water in your pail, you may want to decontaminate your gloves and any other tools, like a wrench used on the toilet's bolts if needed.


At worse, fluids will have migrated to a wall and oozed into a lower floor or below the floor covering; special tools for this extra effort can be rented or improvised. Patient alone will get you through this biohazard cleanup. Try to get through what seems horrific too fast and you will spend more time cleaning up than necessary.

By the way, you do not need to do the entire job in one hour or one day. Come back after taking a few hours off. Come back the next day after you have had time to sleep on the steps you plan to take. Because you drenched the fluids with bleach as your first step without causing run-off, the bleach has taken a chunk out of the odor. Go ahead and let the entire dwelling ventilate if you can.

Since you know before hand to decontaminate your work area (without over soaking it), you should be ready to move forward if properly protected. Again, take your time; I do. I get paid by the job, not the hour, incidentally.

When you complete this first biohazard cleanup job, you will discover that it did not take any more doing than cleaning up a garage floor oil spill. It happens that the odors and thoughts about the source material that turns it into a horrific task. Besides, once your first bleach application get to work, the entire nature of a once biohazard cleanup becomes something else. Less than horrific, it may now qualify as nasty, little more.

Just remember, your first years required someone to clean up after you left infectious waste in your wake. It is now your chance to contribute by going to the next step and completing your first biohazard cleanup; probably your last biohazard cleanup, you will have expertise enough to share your experience with others in need of your skills, abilities, and knowledge.

Good luck.




Readers will find more biohazard cleanup information at this Orange County web site.

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