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"I did not enjoy "carefree time of life" because my childhood ranked ongoing, mid-range anxiety." Eddie Evans




Bullies and Victims


So we do live in a world of bullies, it turns out.

Some researchers find that children victimized by their peers at school experience suicidal ideas more frequently than their peers. Also, bullying among some children show that in some cases bullies have suicidal ideas more frequently than their peers. We might wonder if bullies were at one times victims of others' physical abuse, verbal taunts, and, especially, belittling comments about the subject's academic failures. During one suicide cleanup in a very exclusive neighborhood, these ideas took me back to my own schoolboy days, long before suicide entered my mind as a real topic.

Is it that bullies take their dislike for others and later in life internalize their hate and fear? School staff wines such behaviors as impulsivity, hyperactivity, aggression, depression, and other behaviors displayed by abused children as well as bullies.

What we need to look for in children early on are the following childhood suicidal risk elements:

Biological Risks

Myths and facts about childhood suicide need clarification early on. Many people have it all wrong. Children react to their internal and external environments in ways similar to adults, but without adult contents earned through years of experience.

Some people believe that childhood is a carefree time of life; actually, children have extreme stress in their lives and they have the same or similar symptoms as adults. Why should we expect otherwise? If we expect anything, we should expect that children do not have skills needed to handle stress well.

I did not enjoy "carefree time of life" because my childhood was far from carefree. In my case, my parent's divorce removed great stress from my life; however, my mother's worries were passed down the family chain of command and otherwise. Suicide never really entered my mind as I can recall. Life I supposed and soon reinforced had more to do with struggle than giving up on it. The rent brought about our inter-family anxiety over the "house payment" and finally the "apartment rent." As it turned out, though, my childhood was free of many other children's. (return) I grew up in a good neighborhood, making a hugh difference in my adult mind and emotional makeup.

How I went through ten years in public schools and survived I do not know. Quizzically, more so, how did I end up owning a suicide cleanup company for which I am the sole suicide cleanup practitioner? I did witness my share of child depression, which I came to respect.

Childhood Depression

Anyway, some people believe that children do not get depressed; actually, from time to time children have a bad day and feel quite depressed. I've seen it often enough.

It may not be as easy to tell when a child is depressed because he may play with friends as if they had no problems. In some ways play becomes their manner of coping with stress for a short while. At least one of thirty-three children experience depression ongoing. Ongoing play into the night suggests something, suicide cleanup for them?

Some people believe that children do not understand the finality of death; actually children understand death as final quite well. Even elementary school children understand the finality of death in many if not most cases. Enter a family experiencing a suicide and a suicide cleanup practitioner knows children understand.

Some people believe that children are always resilient and bounce back; actually such conditions as poverty, divorce, illness, and trauma affect resiliency. A child's ability to face additional stressors in their lives add greatly to their inability to "bounce back."

Some people believe that children's stressors and problems cannot possibly compare to adult problems; actually, it is this belief that leads people to a bit of culture shock when a child commits suicide; because they have not believed it possible a child's suicide comes as "Too much to grasp."

Children face problems without the life experiences for cognitive abilities. What adults perceive as a low priority insult or ridicule can leave a child to consider suicide and feelings of being overwhelmed. We must keep in mind, as a suicide cleanup practitioner I believe, our society and culture lend ourselves to a greater risk for suicide.

Some children do not feel loss as strongly and deeply as children do; actually, loss and fear go hand-in-hand for a child. Children have very little control over such simple things as food, water, housing, and physical security. The loss of adults in their lives poses a great threat to a child and a child's perception of reality.

When adults move way, separate, divorce, or somehow cause a major disruption in a child's relationships, they also add great stressors to a child's new life relationships. When children learn of a loss of a significant other their coping skills are not developed well enough to adjust as may be needed. Their losses occur, and they become afraid of what will happen to them.

A child's fear may intensify and become more complicated as other emotions come into play. These emotions may become accentuated during particular periods of stress in adulthood. Consider to the inordinate number of suicides among adults once abandoned and left as orphans. Total, universal loss of significant other relationship by kinship.

Some people believe that children do not commit suicide. Many times coroners determine that a child's death was not a suicide but an accident; actually, child suicide cleanups prove that children do commit suicide.

My first child suicide cleanup involved a child with a 22 caliber rifle. The child came home from school and killed himself. The child was in his bedroom on the second floor of a two-story mansion. He lived in a very well-to-do community. Although the child's home was parsley furnished, its decorations were conspicuously expensive and valuable. His home was beautiful and smartly decorated. Who would ever expect me, Eddie Evans, suicide cleanup practitioner, to set foot in such a home?

The child was about 13 years old. My suicide cleanup duties included removing the child's bloody, Levi pants from the room's beautiful hardwood floor. Before I fully comprehended the gravity of the situation, the length of his pant legs were so short it they looked like doll's pants. But this suicide victim's expensive toys belonged to a boy. I could not comprehend that someone so small would put a bullet in their head in self murder.

This one suicide cleanup took me 30 minutes. I made over $5000 in 30 minutes. I did not ask for $5000. I asked for much less.

When I walked down the stairs to the first floor a gentlemen met me. The gentleman was wearing a coat and tie and very smartly dressed with very shiny loafers on. He introduced himself as an attorney for the family and he led me to the back door.

We walked from the back door to the long, concrete, stainless driveway to my van parked in front of the mansion. The Sun in its western sky was beginning to set on this suicide cleanup.

Walking down the drive parallel to one another, he told me in strict terms, you were never here and you never did this suicide cleanup. I said that I understood and that he had no concern for my promise to remain completely anonymous. When I write today I've only written before twice in the last five years. I will die without revealing this suicide cleanup's client.

The call for the suicide cleanup came in the early half turned down one June day. A gentleman identified himself as an attorney and he asked me if I did suicide cleanup work. I said yes, "I have a suicide cleanup company." He said I need a suicide cleaned up and I needed cleaned up as soon as possible. Can you do this suicide cleanup without ever telling anybody that you have done the suicide cleanup?

Although I was a bit concerned when he asked me to pledge to never perform in a suicide cleanup, I was a little concerned for my own safety. I overcame my paranoia and agreed to do the work for a very reasonable suicide cleanup price.

Since my van had just been prepared for suicide cleanup work at a moments notice, I was off and running. It happened that on this one day orange county traffic flowed at a rather reasonable rate. I arrived at the home in a rather upper-middle-class neighborhood. Before I exited my van a gentleman I had never seen before walked down the sidewalk and greeted me as I got out of my van. He informed me that he was an attorney for the family and that he would take me indoors. This man, to my surprise, was not the same person who had called me for suicide cleanup work. I was sure free plaques. But judging by the man's dress, his manner of carrying himself, I knew I was in the hands of somebody with power and authority when it came to suicide cleanup in this home. I followed the gentleman around to the back door of the very long driveway. Of course the home was immaculate and appeared to be newly furnished with new appliances. We walked through the kitchen through a hallway into the living room. We stood on a paneled hardwood floor, newly polished it appeared. The staircase was one of those old staircases and eight told me to go up the stairs to the second floor and I would find the room for suicide cleanup work. I was to return to him as soon as I completed the work. I was expected not to go elsewhere in the house. I agreed and explain of that was my policy except, in the case of homicides.

So by the end of this event I had met three attorneys, one on the telephone, a second at the end of the driveway, and the third at the bottom of the stairs on my way out. I did ask the third gentleman if he could tell me why I was chosen for the suicide cleanup.

He explained, "this conversation never occurred and you were never here. For your information you were chosen because we believe that you were a small company and worked alone. We also believe that you had a lot of experience at suicide cleanup because the way your suicide cleanup web page read. You were a local suicide cleanup company. And because your price was reasonable we believe that our payment would be more than enough to buy your silent."

Listen closely and I shook my head up and down as if an agreement with what he was saying. I honored, "good idea." So here I had spoken with someone who proclaimed to be an attorney about my suicide cleanup business some two hours before. Now I was speaking with somebody about why the chosen me for suicide cleanup over again so many other suicide cleanup companies that come up ahead of me on paperclip. It turns out they wanted a small company with one suicide cleanup practitioner owner. Me. To this day in my dying day the neighborhood, the house, and the family will remain anonymous. I remain anonymous suicide cleanup practitioner whenever needed.

It does not take long to surf the Internet before one comes across pornography websites. Without much effort the child slave trade and sexual abuse become apparent in the Internet's marketing features. Before the Internet pedophiles and other traders and child souls and bodies found contacting one another much more difficult. But now with the Internet child abuse in the sex trade has become worldwide in a very lucrative trade.

This type of child abuse exaggerates the child abuse in our United States homes and around the world. No, the child abuse sex trade does not cause child suicides on the spot; neither does sex abuse of children in the home cause child suicide in the home; at least, I'm not finding in my suicide cleanup work; neither are any other suicide cleanup practitioners that I know. I will return to domestic child sex abuse in terms of suicide shortly.

With the sex trade we find that these children become, at times, mature and become more likely to commit suicide than their peers; their peers living a carefree child's life are much less likely to commit suicide.

A negative self-concept plays a role in suicide. When a negative childhood sets the stage for a growing self-concept damaged by sexual abuse during childhood, who can hope for a good life?

We evaluate ourselves by the way our significant others react to us. So if our parents react to us as it were some sort of a commodity for trade as a sex object, we for certain we'll see ourselves as fairly worthless.

Henry Stack Sullivan felt that an early integration of these negative self appraisals learn from the gestures and words of our significant others became a great part in our negative self concept. As a result we become owners of hostile attitudes toward others. As situations become unbearable we transfer our "bad self " into a "not me self ". This is how our own self betrayal transfers our hostility towards the world. Then again this other directed self-hatred become self-directed at times.

It was Karen Gorney that saw "performance failure" as an important part of our inability to meet society's standards. When living becomes impossible because of our failure to meet society's standards. We live by killing oneself.

The point here is that there's a lot going on in the minds of children suffering from child abuse.

Sometimes I arrive on the suicide cleanup and that the suicide occurred because a child inside the adult committed suicide. It's as if the adult was forbearing to commit suicide. My suicide cleanup was on track for the suicide cleanup from the time this adult was a child and abused. It's as if the universal cards and fallen in the place as their abuser forged a "Not OK" suicidal self destined for self-murder if not murder suicide.

Suicidal children tend to show "more repulsion from life, less attraction to life, more attraction to death, and less repulsion from death then non suicidal children." Children who are attracted to death talk about death. They draw death – related pictures, and fantasize about death.

Environmental risk factors

An early loss in childhood will help project a child on the suicidal path. Those children who suffered an early loss are much more likely to commit suicide than their peers. Can you imagine the numerous suicides waiting in dysfunctional countries like Iraq and Afghanistan in these days of parental loss by the tens of thousands, by drone attacks?

Suicide cleanup in these countries will become a common theme. Only in these countries, suicide cleanup will be done without fanfare, without stealing and downs in from suicide victims families. Yes suicide cleanup will become a matter of tossing dirt over blood another of human influence and sweeping it outdoors. There, perhaps even more dirt will be added as needed. For certain, these countries will not have much more than dirt clay.

Suicide cleanup is shown as a Western possession and another way for capital to find a quick, clean dismemberment of family wealth among suicide victims families. How many Western suicides will occur and recur within families once visited upon by corners employees intent on robbing families of their wealth" suicide cleanup is proven greed has no bounds when it comes to injuries against others by those without a soul, a moral bearing compass.

So the question becomes, how many suicide cleanup companies become factors in child abuse suicides? I mean, in what way do suicide cleanup companies directed by County employees aid and abet in child abuse and suicide victims families as a result of economic loss?

Family dysfunction is an important environmental risk factor. Suicidal children are more likely to live in homes that dysfunction early on in their lives. Their parents were always in conflict it seemed to the child, physical violence often perpetrated by alcoholic parents cause great dysfunction amidst the children. Family and flexibility brought about by dogmatism and fear of change to suit family needs brings about this functional outcomes. For children it becomes clear that their parent/child boundaries are not any more clear than their role definitions. In fact, such children soon learn there is a great difference between their childhood and that of their peers. Perhaps these children are destined to become corners employees?

The researcher by the name of green found in 1978 at about 50% of physically abused children and about 17% and neglected children showed suicidal behavior. At least these figures came up with they were compared with 7% of their peers. Others found the physically abused children for more than half demonstrated to admit this suicidal thoughts. Their behaviors were much more likely to be suicidal than 6% of their non-abuse control group. Such risk-taking behaviors is running out into the road without looking, climbing without thoughts of safety, and ingesting just about any substance whether known to be edible or not came to reflect their behavior. Is it any wonder the drug abuse grows so quickly in the United States while drug addicts ingested and injected unknown substances into their bodies?

We see the inevitability of suicide cleanup in Western countries over against the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, family unity was a high priority in common thread in their general view of the universe. In fact, it was fear of losing their urban village lifestyle and family control over children and spirits of the past and led the Vietnamese to fight for their liberty from Western ideas and behaviors.


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