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"It's not a question of the most fit. It's a matter of the most privileged county employees. Eddie Evans


Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

On my climate deception network website I write about the Pentagon, the Pope, and even the fossil fuel industries belief in global warming. The big difference between these three institutions is in their decision to embrace, ignore or disparage the idea of global warming. Both the Pentagon and the Pope have chosen to embrace the ideal as an actuality, not as a potential reality. The fossil fuel industry has ignored and denied global warming. Most importantly, criminal light, the fossil fuel industry has worked to persuade the public that global warming is a fiction, an idea conjured up by misguided scientists.

This criminal act by the fossil fuel industry of created propaganda to treat and ultimately kill off lifeforms, including many of us human beings, range criminality to a new high of genocide. Now the issue of crime scene cleanup becomes much larger than I ever imagined and of ever written about in the past. Here I give crime scene cleanup is a phrase new license to bear into the guts of the of this is crime scene cleanup for the fossil fuel industry's propaganda and production of poison.

I gathered my information primarily for climate deception from the climate deception dossiers made public by the union for science in the public interest as of July 9, 2015. Here we learn about crimes against humanity in the broadest sense. More, we have documents in black and white testifying to the fossil fuel industries awareness and actions to dissuade the public from trying to understand the severity of global warming.

The only way to explain it is that old-fashioned word known as "greed." No one in their right mind could imagine a CEO or corporate board preferring to allow the production of fossil fuels at the cost of humanity's well-being and species in the wild. The consequences could be, and are, where a fake and beyond imagination. No other government or business structure could have devised a more destructive and criminal production than what we find in the fossil fuel industries climate deception actions.

If ever the word "irony" held a devious context, it is in the climate denial episode stories created by the fossil fuel industry. Note how we the consumers of fossil fuels willingly and unknowingly bought fossil fuel products while poisoning our very own environment. Nevermind that the truth was kept from us by those who knew better. Nevermind that many of us figured it out for ourselves, that you cannot create so many fires on a small planet without having some sort of consequences. Ironically, we dug our own grave with our own shovels while paying our killers to cheat us at the gas pump.


The intellectual movement toward a climate science has roots in the observation of petrified bamboo was found in China. Near the Yanzhou province, petrified bamboo found in a dry area suggested that climate naturally shifts over a long period of time. Otherwise, what would account for the petrified bamboo have at one time existed in a dry area?

Also of note, we should recognize that our own Benjamin Franklin mapped out the Gulfstream and able United States send mail to Europe. Even Sir Francis Gaulton (1822-1911) of British fame for his work into statistical analysis, invented the term anticyclone. It would be Helmut Landsberg (1906-1985) that brought statistical analysis to climatology, and thereby it creating what we refer to as a "science." Sometimes it takes statistical analysis to bring sets of observations and findings into a discernible patterns to classify as knowledge for application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (criticism and peer review). The term "Positivism" became familiar to many social science students as they learned that the social sciences have approached their Herculean task of becoming a "science" by applying statistical analysis to social findings, as email Durkheim did in the study of suicide.



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