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September 2015

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September - October 2015


Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

My crime scene cleanup world encompasses most of my waking hours because of writing. Since the Internet, actually the source of so much of my day-to-day doings, crime scene cleanup slowly worked its way into the center of my day. Here I find myself ensconced in the ongoing social rubric our consumer society hoists in my mind, our minds.

I like to think outside the box, whatever "box" means, not within the parameters of consumer society; I wish upon a citizen-centered society over against consumer society. When I read a scene in a book or writing a scene on a crime scene cleanup page, I follow the character almost like a camera on the character's shoulder or in the character's head. I see myself performing a specific set of actions or important actions in vivid detail.

This idea of thinking outside the box sort of means to me something like this: getting beyond my mind's fixed and recurring thought patterns, it's verbal structure. To do so I must find new words and new ways of arranging them, which is writing creatively at times, I suppose. This all sound like Heidegar in some ways, it seems.

In a stream of consciousness we have no beginning, no middle, and no ending; in fact, it's just thinking as the waking day passes on. Then I'm wondering here, what about my dreams? Do my dreams count as some part of my stream of consciousness and when does this stream begin, ever?

How will I know if I'm the creator of my narrative and not a simple "lens" through which my works flow as borrowed elsewhere?

In literary criticism, stream of consciousness is a narrative mode, or device, that seeks "to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind. Another term for it is 'interior monologue'." The term was coined by William James in 1890 in his The Principles of Psychology, and in 1918 May Sinclair first applied the term stream of consciousness, in a literary context, when discussing Dorothy Richardson's novels.

June 29, 2015

My suicide history notes will require updates soon.

July 8, 2015


Tonight I practiced serendipity; as all cases of in practicing serendipity, I did so unsuspectingly.  Like all well-intentioned crimes in cleanup practitioners, I enjoy those moments of serendipity when I learned that hard-core, professional cleaning has its serendipitous moments.

So tonight when I decided upon opening two cans of Campbell's vegetarian soup for dinner, I failed to notice that I was opening one can vegetarian soup and one can Campbell's mushroom soup.  "Too late," my lack of attention led to join in the contents of both cans.  I will call this a moment in "serendipity."  An accidental moment yes, but a pleasant learning experience.  I found that combining vegetarian soup with cream of mushroom soup produces a seriously pleasing manner.

July 9, 2015

Climate Deception and Criminality

Crime scene cleanup as a working phrase receives a lot of attention from me. I have added climate deception because climate deception turns out to be the most egregious, most inhumane, most genocidal form of criminality witnessed in the 21st century and most probably beyond. Consider the consequences of climate deception as a form of climate change and global warming denial.

Global warming denial has cost the world decades that could have been focused on combating the rise of CO2 and methane gases in the atmosphere. Instead of spending trillions of dollars on the military-industrial complex worldwide, joins the dollars could have been spent on reducing CO2 and methane gas levels to safer levels for future generations.

My climate deception network web site goes into these matters. It offers links to very important climate deception sources of information. Even YouTube receives favorable mention at my climate deception web site because of its work on worldwide crime scene cleanup needs. Grieving as the world has never seen awaits the next generation.

Does not it seem ironic that here in the land of the home, land of the free and the beautiful, the land where humanity created a document known as the United States Constitution to free people from autocratic rule, that would be the very same place creating the end of life for so many species and so many human beings. It is here that we have created this Holocaust against species populations in the wild besides human beings. The Nazi Germans could never have dreamt of horse that are about to unfold to the next generation of Americans. And we did it all in the name of "consumerism."

August 1, 2015

I changed my comments for climate deception to make it shorter. Later I'll add information about my Orange County crime scene cleanup web site and how it represent government corruption.

I use this stuff on, my most important web site project ever; it's probably the most important thing that I've ever done; that's the problem, knowing what word and words to write next. What do I put up at the top? What follows.

Before it was a simple ranking matter; writing about sheriff-coroner corruption nationwide was easy. The next word just came out. As long as it followed the general theme, fine;

Here, ranking is not important. No one is really going to look up climate deception; Yahoo has me in 1st anyway, but Google ignores me, which it should because the real climate deception information is way more important.

That's what I've been doing, researching climate change and climate deception. Noam Chomsky has a 6 part series on it from 2011 on YouTube. He's so brilliant. How could I ever think of placing anything on YouTube with him there? It's pointless. He has these guys nailed.
I wish that I was somewhere that I could walk in the woods or on the beach. But it looks like I'm condemned to die here. At least I can advertise my web site and that's important. Many people are still confused by the propaganda like with the cigarette propaganda.

I'll use this email on Biosafe's California crime scene cleanup blog.

August 5, 2015

Writing About Crime Scene Cleanup in The Context of Climate Deception

I could never ever have it expected to write anything as important as narratives on climate deception. With my crime scene cleanup book web site I figure that I had stretched the meaning of crime scene cleanup about as far as I was going to get. There I learned to use it as an umbrella term for cleaning up after wars, racism, and the nuclear problems on our planet. I had not thought to look at deception in terms of corporate greed and the destruction of habitat for billions of people in countless species.

So as a phrase related to criminal conduct, crime scene cleanup will now apply to fossil fuel corporations racketeering and collusion efforts to defraud not only the American people, but the world's many life forms. This brings crime scene cleanup into a new realm of understanding. Climate deception leads to not only torts, crime scene cleanup as I have discussed above and will continue to discuss on these pages.

Online climate deception web site today I wrote about the global climate coalition efforts to present the international panel on climate change findings in global warming and climate change research. There I know how to draft primer presents the issues well enough while giving fossil fuel industry corporations ammunition to create doubt in the American public's minds.

They doing the same thing there the tobacco industry did over 20 years ago when it came to creating deception and doubt in the public's mind. Anyone addicted to a substance like nicotine has special problems when it comes to denial. So the tobacco industry directed their efforts at creating denial in the minds of these people addicted to nicotine so they continued to consume these deadly chemicals. The cigarette industry played a role in the murder of millions of people.

Murder cleanup on such a scale awaits the next generation because of climate deception by members of our own government and the fossil fuel industry.

That is exactly what the global climate commissions efforts are light now that the tobacco industry has subsided its denial campaigns. The fossil fuel industry has learned well from the tobacco industry. That is why bring up crime scene cleanup and the context of torts. Yes there been injuries here great and small. But is more than something that should appear in a tort court. It should appear in the criminal law court and we should get on with the business of crime scene cleanup. Boy, crime scene cleanup can foster the kind of international interest required for gathering the money needed and the well to create a crime scene cleanup industry like no other we have ever seen.

I believe this web site was my first crime scene cleanup web site. And now I use it for other types of cleaning. It is interesting to see how it has grown into an ally, a supporter, another means of promoting crime scene cleanup in climate deception.


September 3, 2015

Another month passed and I failed to blog here. Meanwhile, my crime scene cleanup business pulled its tail spin; it's not flying. That's why. Here's a recent blood cleanup page in any case for the sake of adding something.

September 4, 2015

I added a couple pages. The first, poop cleanup. The second, xyz. Then I spent time on my crime scene cleanup school. It needs a lot of work and I don't get around to rank it. I should. Innocent, hard working American combat veterans fall victim to scamming "crime scene cleanup schools."

Fortunately, the calls have slowed down from veterans, only one in the last month.

September 5, 2015 -

September 6, 2016

It's Labor Day and like all other days, I continue working, getting the word out that our county governments become corrupted. Most people will say, sarcastically, "It's always been that way." They may be correct, but when it comes down to it, they may not believe their own words. They prefer to deny that their tax paid county employees could never cheat families of the dead.

Then their the deniers. They'll never believe that people cheat even though they were raised to be "good Christians," "good sons and daughters," and so on. No, it must be frustrating and easier to believe in magical thoughts. That is, it's easier to believe that their very own sons and daughters would never cheat families of the dead to gain another $400 or $500 a week by referring families to death cleanup companies. I have, in essence, affordable death cleanup services.

Orange County

California's Southern California residents were treated by 90° weather over the Labor Day weekend and now the following week. 90° temperatures are hard on trees and they need water as well as two other plants. Because of the four-year drought though, many trees will not receive the water they need to optimize their growth. Those with the mind set for conserving water in using all available water for their yard will use water from their wash machine and sinks. This is called "gray water" and serves well enough for watering plants and trees so long as the soap is biodegradable. It is known that many people in Mexico use gray water for watering their plants, including their fruit plants.



Suicide cleanup email sometimes becomes wordy. Given a practiced typist with a skill for writing fluency, and suicide cleanup information flows from the victim's family member or friend. Suicide cleanup is homicide cleanup. It's handled, cleaned in the same way in most cases.

Suicide cleanup may encounter more head trauma debris. For some reason men choose a very large weapon, like a shotgun, to end it all. They aim for the head.

I go to the below link. I find the buy button. I tap it and a popup for
twitting the event offers 10% off. I'm using this for today's blog comment tool.

Meanwhile, there's no way to actually buy a ticket.

I'll look elsewhere.

I see only 60 people signed up so far. That's not a good sign.

A comment on Hedges. We're so lucky to have him, especially with his background and intellect.

I find his remedy, revolt, interesting and expected. I don't see it
actually getting the job done. Revolt equals "crime scene cleanup" attempts.

But, given enough worthwhile information "out there," then, as he
suggests, a tiny percentage of people in the streets can cause movement.

I enjoy Sanders' comments about the Republicans. I don't see his campaign going anywhere, overall, but he does use his platform for useful information sharing. I don't agree with Hedge's Sanders bashing, but his comments deserve airing. We need to know.

I cannot see myself voting Democrat. Then again, I cannot imagine a USA with a Supreme Court totally controlled by the Koch Brothers and fundamentalists. Our Mother Earth and her children will suffer even more at their hands. Besides, we'll lose the spirit of the First Amendment and more. We will have holy wars.

I wish that Mr. Hedges could give us something more, but he's only human.

So it goes.

Eddie Evans
http://www.ClimateDeception.Net (under construction)

Sept. 8, 2015

Dodger will take him outdoors soon for a short walk.  He pooped in the yellow room earlier so I had to scold him and play the game.  He knows better.  He has made improvement.
As you can see I have sent an invoice and asked for information to invoice another cleanup.
I am ready to go to the chiropractor.

I am using the headphone lot today I need to get a lot of work done.  I am using two computers to speed things up.  This allows me to use Kindle and other resources on one computer and Dragon on the other.  This is as good as it gets and it all seems to be working well.  That is all.

September 15, 2015 - Hoarding News

Southern California received rain earlier this morning, causing multiple car crashes. Criminal intent may have taken place as people rushed to work in slow, crowded conditions.

Meanwhile, news from the Hoarding Cleanup field tells of poor to lackluster earnings for the entire year. Apparently, people with money for hoarding cleanup simply move out of their homes. Then, they send in the Salvation Army or another charity operation to take care of the hoarding issues. There's no crime against this kind of escape and evasion.

Meanwhile, crime scene cleanup continues as always, the most corrupt county government activity on the planet.

California's Lowest Snow pack in 500 years -

Using their knowledge of tree rings, climate researchers in California found that California's snow pack now resides at its lowest in 500 years. They used trees with ages beyond 1,000 years old. Giant Sequoia's can go beyond 3,000 years.

Snow pack gives the Sierra Nevada's snow melt a way to soak into the soil and become part of the water table.

Melting snow allows for a natural means of supplying drinking water to California residents throughout the year; now, though, without a snow pack, the future of water in California remains doubtful at the moment. This goes directly to the meaning of crime scene cleanup. The climate deniers continue to slow and inhibit meaningful changes in the US use of carbon producing fuels, fossil fuels.

Filth Cleanup

My use we've taken that conjured phrase crime scene cleanup and given it great power. Slowly we've added all sorts of cleaning themes within its context. That's the power of language, especially English. The flexibility of the English language allows us to go right ahead and place filth cleanup under crime scene cleanup. Once done, filth cleanup becomes a legitimate professional occupation.

I'm adding an entire page dedicated to filth cleanup to the Biosafe crime scene cleanup lexicon. Then there's this Long Beach House Cleaning web site that owes its existence to the criminal conduct of sheriff-corner employees.

Massive Sea Life Die Off

A recent report tells us that we lost about half of the last generation of animals see life. The report goes on to conclude that over fishing and global warming all play a role in this massive die off, "genocide: by any other term. This crime against nature equals a crime against future generations of human beings and nonhuman beings alike. There is no amount of crime scene cleanup that can take place in the short term to help replace these Dead Sea animals. Only a concerted effort by the nation states worldwide to produce sustainability, a massive reduction in carbon output, and sequestering that carbon it has already been released will help save the day.

In any case, this web page will lead to more information about this horrific subject. All crime scene cleaner should be alert to this die off. In memory of those who have departed and wars in the name of the United States and its allies, it seems only right that we in this crime against humanity and pronto.

Today I added two more web pages for various reasons. Biohazards and Germs were added to my list of editions for this crime scene cleanup web site. I thought that biohazard should be covered because biohazard as a term applies to other organisms besides human beings. In the context of the above die off I think we need to think more about biohazards and how we produce them for other life forms.

Here's a biohazard cleanup glossary too. The questions we might ask about bacteria find elucidation here as well.

Of course my page on germs will include the history of our battle to overcome the germ deniers in the medical profession. Not until the 1880s and up until 1900's did the idea of the germ theory of disease catch on. Anti-intellectualism as well as fundamentalist's fears of developing biological ideas lead to much denial. It turned out to look like the flat earth debates all over again. Then there's today's climate deception issues, which should remind us of the 1880s.

and become a reality for most people. Overcoming dogmatic ideologies has always been a problem for us. Now it seems overcoming the dogma perpetrated by billionaire bandits in control of mass media will not occur in time to save so many species on this planet. Just the same, in the context of my new germ page I will discuss the germ theory of disease along with the idea of germs in general for biohazard cleanup and other pages found here at Biosafe.

Stanislav Petrov Saved World

Standout is the greatest plan simply practitioner of all time that man, Stanislav Petrov, prevented the Soviet Union from launching a preemptive nuclear attack on the United States. In response, United States was obliterated the Soviet Union. As a consequence, the nuclear fallout from only a small number of these nuclear warhead explosions would have destroyed civilization.

In those days the Soviet Union kept in touch nuclear warheads atop guided missiles. These missiles were tied into a computer system. This conspirator system was programs to launch if they detected incoming warheads from United History tells us we have the right man in the right place at the right time because anyone else could've ended the world injustices sentence for decision-making. Stanislav was the in charge of launching the muscles in response to the incoming American warheads. He feared a false alarm from the warning system. It could not have been more correct about the false alarm, which turned out to reflect a warning signal sent from radar that I picked up a flock of geese in flight.

He dismissed the warning as a false alarm and went about his business. This decision led to a breach of duty court-martial for the management level Russian army officer.

We would later learn that there's no rules that these officers must fall when it comes to reporting an incoming missile strike. They know that the possibility of even greater harm to the country by American nuclear warheads.

Stanislav report to the BBC's Russian service some 30 years after that overnight shift that all the information he had said that they were under attack. He acted on his information and reported it to the train the command (superiors), nuclear war would have followed.

Is nearly frozen in place he said. The warning signals were all there. A howling siren contaminated for seconds before he could ignore the launch screen with the emblazoned term, "launch." The siren would stop in and started yelling at later. Somewhere he said it appeared that a first missile was launched, then a second missile, then a third, fourth, and so on. For all intents and purposes, according to the computer system, Americans have launched multiple warheads against the Soviet Union.

It's not every day that a person has the responsibility for choosing to save his nation and in the process create a Holocaust beyond all major and biblical proportions. The weight of his decisions remain unique to this one person may never again visit another person we hope Patty acted on the siren C would have become a perpetrator of mass homicide beyond any measurable proportion even resembling Hitler's madness. Crimes against humanity have no measure when it comes to nuclear war.

On his side of the argument he regularly later on, specialist in charge of monitoring satellite radar operations confirm they had no registered missile launches by the United States., The Soviet state apparatus required that he launch missiles against the United States as directed by the computer system.

He chose to endure these missile warnings and move it if he was wrong explosions would fall the insulator. In that 23 minutes later nothing had happened. At up in the real thing, the world as we know it would no longer exist.

Interviews a lucky man effect on and that the odds were about 50 to 50 right or wrong. No, he could never be sure in absolute terms that he was correct, but the consequences and long so that he could not bring himself to destroy humanity.

While reading this and thinking about, we must remember that 30 years ago when this event was the United States and Soviet Union were rivals. They had decided on mutually assured destruction to keep the peace, this madness, "mad," we made in the hands of professional officers in both militaries. These were the people paid to give and take orders. There were not the question workers. And that's exactly what Stanislav did. He used his critical thinking. Today Stanislav believes that everybody else on this shift would raise the alarm and we would have nuclear war.

He would later receive a reprimand for mistakes of the logbook telling what happened that night. He remained silent for 10 years. He thought that there was shameful for the Soviet army had failed and the way it did. He was shameful that he had been reprimanded. In its own way the Soviet army had created a crime against Stanislav and the Soviet people. Later, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Stanislav received international awards for his bravery, attention to detail, and ability to stand up against authority. Most of all, he asked critical questions at a critical moment and save the world.

In the end, we were all lucky that it was Stanislav on duty that night.

September 18, 2015

Working on my germs today so that I can transfer information there to my crime scene cleanup school pages. The history of germs is very important to those of us in the crime scene cleanup political philosophy field. We learned so much from me intellectual struggle to convince people about the reality of the germ theory of disease Valerie must carry this information forward to the denial of global warming by the fossil fuel industry. Alone, the fossil fuel industries crimes against humanity will require crime scene cleanup beyond the means and resources at any one nation. In fact, all the nations in the world with all the populations and all their wealth will not recover the earth's mighty life forms as they once were. No crime scene cleanup task has presented such a formidable and horrific cleanup.

My biohazard page will also receive attention because it's information will find a place on the crime scene cleanup school pages. Because of global warming in the needs of crime scene cleanup worldwide, it's important that people understand bio hazards will increase and mutate as climate change presents new environmental challenges for all species.

The Orange County Crime scene cleanup page information on Orange County's history and separation from San Luis County. It seems ironic that the very people talk about crime sin cleanup is a run for president to complain about immigrants. It turns out that in the 1870s and thereabouts people in Los Angeles and Orange County sought immigrants. Immigrants promised added income for businesses as well as cheaper labor for production and form work.

September 22, 2015


We have long accepted justifiable homicide in self-defense. We give the title "justifiable homicide" to peace officers and military, especially soldiers and Marines. Most homicide in the United States take place in homes, domiciles. Usually these occur by mail perpetrators. Perpetrator means a person that does the killing. Most often the killer kills a female as the victim

My homicide pages back up. Homicides occur by accident as well as intention.This comment should help clarify the nature of crime scene cleanup in United States. Homicides account for only about one in 10 crime scene cleanup jobs. So this means that the other nine out of the 10 go to suicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup. Of course unattended death cleanups often include you in and decomposition cleanup.

My California biohazard cleanup information pages will soon take on a new look. I will also add more information related to the discovery of the microorganisms as the cause of illness and disease in humans.

Suicide cleanup history notes found here have a dirth of information. This will change soon. For the moment, information related to suicide cleanup odors found here should clarify some bad ideas spread by Los Angeles crime scene cleanup companies. Here's suicide cleanup for families in need of information. Child abuse suicide notes found here will disturb some people. California suicide cleanup information remains available. This crime scene cleanup blog adopts a steady creation of suicide cleanup information.

Decomposition cleanup notes can be found on this page. Many people grieve and need grieving information following a death in the family.

Los Angeles has its many stories and some of these follow its chirographical development. Los Angeles biohazard cleanup adventures sometimes get pretty wild.

feces cleanup

September 28, 2015

Married 47 years today and it seems like it took zero time to happen. So what do you buy the old lady after 47 years, 48 counting the courting routine?For myself, I bought a waterproof watch, and here I must make the truth known. Every crime scene cleanup practitioner needs both recreation and a good time peace.

I bought a Susenstore Multi Function Military S-shock Sports Watch LED Analog Digital Waterproof Alarm (Yellow) on Amazon - free Prime shipping.

In short, this is, apparently, a tough, water resistant watch for an incredibly low price. If it lasts for only 6 months, great.

Longwise, this watch, at least for the moment, gives testimony to capitalism's revolutionary nature. In 1965 I paid $50 for one Timex "water resistant" watch for use in Vietnam. I was in the Infantry (173rd Airborne, 1st Battalion, Alpha Company). It lasted a couple months.

Now, like capitalism's destruction of calculator prices some 30 years ago, here's the water resistant ("water proof") watch available at less than $13. I used it for 2 hours yesterday while surfing and it works just fine at the moment. If it lasts for 10 trips surfing I'm satisfied. If it lasts for 100 trips, what else could anyone ever imagine. I can't even change the batter for less than $13.
Now I admit that capitalism has a very dark, awful, evil side (especially in terms of national drives to empire -- capitalism's imperialism side., but when it comes to consumer goods, in some cases, capitalism brings the goods home.

I see that ISIS recruited 30,000 foreign fighters in the last year. That's something to think about. How many of these guys came from California?

How many of these guys received government subsidies in some way?

October 1, 2015

I've always enjoyed October. It's hot, for sure, and decomps go south quickly.There's an upside to this quick decomposition. The fluids dry and this leads to less hassle. My last human decomposition cleanup revealed the suicide victim's addiction to alcohol. Alcohol plays a part in the crime scene cleanup business. Allcohol and crime scene cleanup have a partnership in this one regard.

Religion and Science

Science can't test God's well, to tell what God is thinking and doing; since we cannot study God, we can look to those nations exhibiting an interest in God. We can look to these nations for examples of "godly behavior," as we might understand it in monotheism's terms. The last 30 years in the United States we witnessed an increase in religious studies, allowing us some examples for study. It's like biohazard cleanup in some ways. Explaining biohazard cleanup requires examples.

We've seen an interest in secularization as the 20th century moved on. The Welfare State entered the field of religious charity. Why? Perhaps the religions of the world were failing to keep up with the human needs of the brethren shorn from their fields. We would think that the increase in religion in the United States would do more for the needy; yet, the welfare state remains under attack by right-wing politicians and their right-wing religious followers.

Here on my crime scene cleanup blog I look for correlations between increased religious understanding and the need for crime scene cleanup. Some say that we used to live in a "religious world." In the 1980s we would have thought that the "moral majority's" move into the US Congress would bold well for de secularization and improve the lot of the needy. I shall note here the need for reminding myself that we were dealing with global warming at that time as well as now; God remained and remains silent.

September 25, 2015

More Global Warming denialism spreads across this great land of ours. Like international terrorism, it from the Middle East, it seeks to undue our use of science. Fighting the denial meance takes time and energy. I've added affordable death cleanup and poop cleanup to aid my income efforts. Fighting crime scene cleanup fraud in dinalism costs lots of money. Likewise, I'm sure it's important to include suicide cleanup services.


September 30, 2015

We continue to see the criminal conduct of our congressional representatives. Their fixed on climate denial for the profit of a few privileged individuals over against the lives of many species and humanity for the next 1,000 year. Crime scene cleanup for a thousand years means that humanity will have little time and resources to carry fulture forward, let alone science. I've added hoarding cleanup to my efforts here for added income to fight the climate deception machine.

Hoarders have denial in common with climate change denial types.

It's impossible to keep up with a crime scene cleanup blog when all this climate deception information spills out of the news. Here's a crime scene cleanup job comment for those interested in a crime scene cleanup job.

Guns continue to claim much attention these days. Here's a crime scene cleanup gun article.

February 3, 2016

I'm adding to San Diego County Crime Scene Cleanup after recalling the sneaky coroner's employees. These guys are something else. They drive around picking up bodies from homicides, sucides, and unattanded deaths. While on the job, the lead workers (one female in one coroner's crew), self-righteously chooses which crime scene cleanup company receives the death cleanup referral. So, I'm obliged to place a little time into San Diego crime scene cleanup corruption for the sake of San Diego's families.

June 9, 2016

Due to an increase in baby boomer unattended deaths in Las Vegas, Nevada area, I'd added a Las Vegas decomposition cleanup page for Las Vegas residents.

September 28, 2016

Here it is over 3 months later and I'm just now work on this crime scene cleanup blog. I'm adding a California unattended death cleanup information page to my crime scene cleanup web site. I must remind myself to recall this subject when I'm ready to move on.

October 5, 2016

I see more abusive people at work in matters of homicide, suicide and unattended death cleanup. Here's some thoughts on this type of extreme behavior, the abusive person.

October 18, 2016

Before moving to a new crime scene cleanup blog page, I wanted to link to this important Bakersfield Crime Scene Cleanup web page.



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