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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

California's crime scene cleanup monopolization by coroner's employees kills free enterprise for victims' families. I'm the only person actively pursuing this government cronyism and greed. Find me a large enough county that's honest and I'll move there to serve its families need for their crime scene cleanup needs. Let the free market do it. Eddie Evans

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Crime Scene Cleanup Government Cronyism - My Training and Education (Education Experience) - True life crime scene cleanup adventure story - Personal message about government and corporate criminality worldwide.

If I could find an honest county with a large enough population, I would move there to practice my crime scene cleanup business. Below I wrote a short crime scene cleanup story about how I drove from California to the east coast to clean.

And do not do crime scene cleanup, homicide, suicide, unattended death and decomposition cleanup in Cypress. It's because of the Orange County coroner's employees but I do not have work my own home city. I had a friend and neighbor died some years ago and I did not have an opportunity to even offer to help for free.

On the way I received telephone calls from a number of states in need of blood cleanup work. Time allowed as did my resources; with an understanding wife, I went on a crime scene cleanup adventure.

Our county employees cannot be trusted to refer crime scene cleanup companies to victims' families for blood cleanup. They receive a kickback, money, for families that they send to a crime scene cleanup company. We call this relationship between county employees and private companies "cronyism." This behavior takes place across the United States and most probably most counties. Find me a large enough county that's honest and I'll move there to serve its families in need of professional cleaning. I will repeat this: this crony practice of cheating victims' families is nationwide.


I do not like the word "all,"but that is what it looks like from where I sit. I'll settle for "many," but feel that "all" the larger counties in the United States have corruption in their county death administration process, from the coroner, medical examiner, and public guardians with the work probate courts entrust them.


I cleaned in 24 states across the country chasing work and helping families take remove their death scene. I have been in contact with many biohazard cleanup companies and I watched them go out of business because of crony relationships between government employees and corrupt biohazard cleanup companies.


I ran an Internet crime scene cleanup broker business in my home. I took telephone calls 24/7and referred these callers to companies on my nationwide referral list. By 2005 this business had ended because companies on my referral list went out of business. They experienced cronyism as I did. The only difference between my company and their companies, I was willing to drive extraordinary lengths to stay in business and fight county government employees' cronyism. It has cost me thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to do so.


Although this may seem like pathological behavior on my part, consider that no one advocates for homicide and suicide victims' families cheated by our government employees. Already victimized, these families become victims as second time, and at the hands of tax paid county and even city employees at times. It's likewise with families experiencing an unattended death and decomposition of a loved one. This city and county white-collar crime narrative goes on at my United States crime scene cleanup web site.


I can very easily get my head blown off by these government and crime scene cleanup cronies, gangsters. There's so much money involved the biohazard cleanup business calls out the worse criminal types to enter the business; it also leads once honorable, dedicated civil servants to join the dark side, loose their moral scruples.


Government Cronyism

It turns out that county government cronyism helps shape my cleaning skills, abilities, and knowledge. Because of cronyism, remaining in the biohazard business meant learning more to write on the Internet. So I read and wrote about biohazard cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and decomposition cleanup. Not only did I write, I created cleaning techniques to create divisions between these subject. Without divisions between types of biohazard cleanup, there's not that much nonfiction to write.

Not only reading and writing skills became important to fighting this weirdo type of incipient friendly fascism, even my driving skills became critical. Because I trained with Trailways bus systems as a young man for interstate "operating," I probably survived when I might not have managed the long drives. The simple Smith System of defensive driving remained ingrained in my mind; I use it routinely and credit this system with my many years of safe driving.

I hit one deer at 3:00 a.m. just north of Ely, Nevada returning from a double suicide cleanup in a casino hotel room. The doe took off my front bumper and took off one of her hips and leg. Had I not slowed down and followed the state speed law, no faster than safe, she would easily have crashed through my windshield. The Smith System allowed for my ability to look far ahead and leave myself an out. She appeared from a tree line several feet from the road.

My point, but for cronyism, I would not have needed to drive to northern Nevada to stay in business.

More, I'm the only person actively pursuing this county government cronyism and greed. Just remember, government cronyism bounces around Washington D.C. and the Pentagon through corporate lobbyists. Then there's the cronyism between Washington D.C. and Wall street.


My fight against county cronyism in biohazard cleanup hardly measures up to my one year in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Infantry. There it was communism. Here, it's government cronyism, corruption. I say, "What is life about if not making the life prospects of future generations better?".Besides, fighting for free enterprise in my own country is necessary; fighting tiny, illiterate people because their dominoes were falling wasn't necessary. (return)




I am down to about 700 web sites and should be down to about 300 to 400 in two years or so. Of course I use these for advertising my other businesses, like filthy house cleanup (feces cleanup), homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. Within five years I won't rank very well on the Internet for biohazard cleanup.


Because of my biohazard cleanup broker business I owned over 2000 web sites; excuse the redundancy. They covered most of the United States with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. I learned early on that Mississippi, South Dakota, North Dakota, and a couple other states I do not currently remember were closed to free enterprise in biohazard cleanup. The northwest remained silent to Internet marketing.


I learned this because I did not receive calls from these states even though I ranked very well on the Internet. In those days we did not have pay per click as we do today. I'm an organic web site maker and write content. I understand what it takes to rank well.


Keep in mind that in the early days, having one of the first three web sites on a Yahoo! page meant receiving phone calls. Still, number one was number one; nothing replaces number one. I was number one in California because I had 2000 web sites without too much trouble. Their power was in their ability to leverage each one for the benefit of others. I will not waste your time by talking further about web site optimization at this point because it grows more obsolete as pay-per-click replaces blood cleanup web sites for marketing.


Besides, my biohazard cleanup sites do nothing for my California Crime Scene Cleanup business at this point. even if I do use pay-per-click. With California County coroners employs or medical examiner employees in control of biohazard cleanup, I do not have a chance.

I remain in business only because I have my web sites for other businesses. Mostly it all comes down to blood cleanup for pay. Blood cleanup follows a systematic approach to cleaning and sanitizing.





I have 14 years traumatic loss blood cleanup experience. During this time I owned my own business and did my own biohazard cleanup work -- biohazard cleanup. I have cleaned in 24 states, most of which I visited before 2006. In those days coroner (medical examiners) offices had not climbed aboard the biohazard cleanup monopoly over blood cleanup. Orange County, California destroyed free enterprise in biohazard cleanup well before 2005.


With my wide experience I cleaned in desert environments without benefit of electricity or running water in 115 degree heat. I've cleaned in freezing weather more than once. In one day I cleaned 1 homicide, flew to another state, and cleaned 2 unattended deaths for one management company's apartment building. Thanks to airlines and rental trucks my work in other states lead to a monumental amount of experience in blood cleanup. The sanitary sewer system also proved its worth.

Meanwhile, I quickly developed proprietary methods for biohazard cleanup.


Education Experience


Form the language arts classroom after 10 years teaching in California, I retired and went into business as a professional cleaner. It happened that my skills with computers and word processors, which I used to write lessons, became handy for Internet marketing. Then my experience on the Internet biohazard cleanup work lead to exposing nationwide county government cronyism in biohazard cleanup. (return)


Training and Education


  • carpet cleaning - California schools
  • biohazard cleanup - Missouri
  • floor inspection - California schools
  • house inspection - California schools
  • natural stone polishing and restoration Pennsylvania school
  • upholstery cleaning - California schools
  • water damage, restoration, structural dry out - Washington
  • I earned my AA BA, and MS before becoming a professional cleaner.


My California crime scene cleanup school ( web site began in ernest. Then I realized the degree of fraud in California County governments. If you can prove otherwise for California County, good; I'll move there soon.


The use of crony companies for self-enrichment by county coroner employees ended my school idea. My San Diego County pages offer similar information. I live in Cypress and do clean in my home city or Orange County. The coroner's employees have a monopoly over my business. Free enterprise dos not exist in Orange County for biohazard cleanup.


Cypress residents may want to reconsider watering their lawns. As of now there are nine urban areas in California experiencing severe drought conditions. The US drought Monitor, an organization created from7 government organizations and a private organization called Wall Street, 24/7, followed drought conditions. Following guidelines set by a five level scheme to help define lack of water in a geographical area, the drought monitor has levels for severe drought and extreme drought.

The nine cities with the worst drought conditions in the country are all located in California, which is now entering its fourth consecutive year of drought as demand for water is at an all-time high. The long-term drought has already had dire consequences for the state’s agriculture sector, municipal water systems, the environment, and all other water consumers.

Based on data provided by the U.S. Drought Monitor, a collaboration between academic and government organizations, 24/7 Wall St. identified nine large U.S. urban areas that have been under persistent, serious drought conditions over the first six months of this year. The Drought Monitor classifies drought by five levels of intensity: from D0, described as abnormally dry, to D4, described as exceptional drought. Last year, 100% of California was under at least severe drought conditions, or D2, for the first time since Drought Monitor began collecting data. It was also the first time that exceptional drought — the highest level — had been recorded in the state. This year, 100% of three urban areas in the state are in a state of exceptional drought. And 100% of all nine areas reviewed are in at least extreme drought, or D3.


According to Brad Rippey, a meteorologist with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), California has a Mediterranean climate in which the vast majority of precipitation falls during the six month period from October through March. In fact, more than 80% of California’s rainfall is during the cold months. As a result, “it’s very difficult to get significant changes in the drought picture during the warm season,” Rippey said. He added that even when it rains during the summer, evaporation due to high temperatures largely offsets any accumulation.

A considerable portion of California’s environmental, agricultural, and municipal water needs depends on 161 reservoirs, which are typically replenished during the winter months. As of May 31, the state’s reservoirs added less than 6.5 million acre-feet of water over the winter, 78% of the typical recharge of about 8.2 million acre-feet. A single acre-foot contains more than 325,000 gallons of water. This was the fourth consecutive year that reservoir recharge failed to breach the historical average.

Normally, current reservoir levels are high enough to buffer against drought. However, “after four years of drought, reservoir holdings are perilously low,” said Rippey. Current total storage levels are at about 17.2 million acre-feet. The typical annual withdrawal is around 8 million acre-feet, which means total storage may fall below 10 million acre-feet by the end of the summer. This also means there is little room for error if the state enters a fifth year of drought.

In addition to surface water, groundwater is a major water source for the state, particularly during periods of drought. According to a recent U.C. Davis analysis of the California drought from 2012 through 2014, groundwater may replace as much as 75% of surface water lost to dry conditions this year. As Rippey explained, however, the problem is that the amount of groundwater is unknown. “The monitoring system for groundwater is not nearly as robust as the surface water monitoring system,” Rippey said.

City and state officials have reacted to the long-term drought by imposing various water restrictions. According to the California Department of Water Resources, California declared a statewide emergency during the 2007-2009 California drought — the first in U.S. history. California declared another such emergency during the 2012-2014 drought, and statewide precipitation was the driest three-year period on record. In an attempt to curb water use, statewide regulations impose penalties for exceeding water consumption budgets. Using water on lawns, for car washes, or to clean driveways is banned or restricted in each of the nine cities.

There are also economic consequences. The U.C. Davis study estimated a loss of at least 410,000 acres of farmland due to water shortages in California’s Central Valley, one of the nation’s most important agricultural zones and the location of most of the cities running out of water. An estimated $800 million was lost in farm revenue last year. That total does not include $447 million in extra pumping costs sustained by the Central Valley. Researchers at U.C. Davis estimated a total statewide revenue loss of $2.2 billion, and more than 17,000 jobs lost in 2014 due to drought.

The U.S. Drought Monitor is produced by the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the USDA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 24/7 Wall St. identified the nine urban areas with populations of 75,000 or more where the highest percentages of the land area was in a state of exceptional drought in the first six months of 2015. All data are as of the week ending June 2.

These are the nine cities running out of water.

Nobody claims that crime scene cleanup can in any way help in this drought for Cyprus residence. The truth is though is the element of criminality in abuse and water during a drought crisis. It's one thing to water trees because trees recycle CO2, a greenhouse gas. Plus, trees provide valuable share during the hot months and we need to have Sherry for children to share cooling off during play. We need that shit to help cooler homes and businesses. The long grass? Come on. Growing lawns dates back to King Louis of France and his abuse of his peasant class. Only the French Revolution brought it about and then to his extravagant use of his lawns. Well we should say that he disappeared from the scene while his lawns continued to exist for posterity. Now they serve as an example of what happens when a monarchy goes too far in the direction of all powerful at the expense of everyone else.

It is about what's happening in Cyprus as well as orange County and the rest of California, no it's not a criminal intent. But it's criminal just the same because people are continuing to water their lawns while we have nine areas in the state facing extreme and severe drought conditions. People are worried about drinking water let alone watering the grass.

Besides that Cyprus lawns reflect the 1950s mass production scheme following the second world war. You see, with the help of government financing the veterans came home from the war and bought homes. In doing so this helped us for needed jobs. Entire industries would soon sprout throughout southern government funds and union contracts with corporations. This life included everybody having and having an opportunity to own their own green lawn just like in palm springs. Those days are over now drought their environment, ecologically. Most importantly, it's a good live ecologically and consider their water is a powerful port when I meet them illegal immigrants within for work, I find that they have a deep concern for water usage. Just last weekend cleaning for a homeowner in I went water drain into bucket. Barked away that the water had been turned off so that the water would not flow out of the bucket. I was only gone for a few minutes and I knew that the water would overflow if I do not return in time. Meanwhile the mixing gardener who appeared to have crossed the border illegally, turned the water off. This is just one example. If you've had a gardener in your yard you to know that he or she to greater birth value almost to the man applies. Mexico was a cry land that has suffered drought for many years.

In California relative to the drought we face today

For one, legislation cotton growth in the state cotton, grown in the same location pearls, requires three to. Might also go to alfalfa, and irrigated

Performs turning to pressurized drip and micro spray systems. These efficient systems work well for some crops but are not as effective are not blessed the spray may not reach the roots of crops during windy days.

Over watering the lawn is no different than over irrigation and allows for water runoff as well as water contaminated by fertilizers slowly finding its way to the Pacific Ocean. Irrigated lands are contaminated by salt, fertilizers, and pesticides and leaves become additions to the groundwater basins and surface water. I will continue this story on my California crime scene cleanup page under the theme of California water crime scene cleanup. Rice

One of the largest rice growers in the United States, California rice fields must be flooded, and account for some of the lost wetland habitat in the central Valley. These wetlands use the benefit migratory water fell some of which are now in danger of extinction.

Oddly enough though, rice actually takes less water to grow per serving than almost any other crop grown in California.

We need to look at our own consciousness, our sense of awareness and beliefs, when it comes to our responsibilities toward nature in general. In the 19th and early 20th centuries resolve the land as worthless and with an mosquito infested wetlands that could serve a better purpose. The truth is that these lands were quite valuable and served other species. They were valuable in the sense that they also help recharge aqua flyers.

Before long it became the practice to turn these lands into productive farmland and subsequently into major water pollution contributors. Today surface ground waters. Chemicals contaminating ecosystems almost throughout the state.

Even so, for over 20 years our farmers were not required to follow the Clean Water Act for reduction of insecticides, herbicides, and other pollutants that contaminated water that is important to ourselves, future humans and nonhumans.

Even the San Francisco Bay started to show high runoff episodes for dyads and on and concentrations over 100 times the allowable limits. Agriculture waivers ended in 2002.

Overall, integrating for crops leaves surface salts concentrated in the soil, which destroys the salts soils value as habitat for plants besides crops.

There is a method for reducing this solemnization of the ground, but that requires flushing out the salt with additional water. Then there's those near the surface of the sort that does not allow salt and other minerals, including pesticides, to drain from the soil. One day farming in the state may become impossible if these modern forms of industrialized farming do not change the words. None of this is new to those historians involved in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East. There are solemnization has been the historic bearing of irrigated over agriculture for several thousand years.

We know that strawberries are very sensitive to soil salinity. We also know that cotton, alfalfa, pomegranates, and pistachios are salt tolerant commercial crimes, which could make sense for their production if water were available for people to. It turns out that eucalyptus trees old a good deal of salt and served to help reduce salts and soil. These imported immigrants from Australia have provided much shade as well as timber and windbreaks for California's agriculture.

For the sake of crime scene cleanup or state Westland water district landed eucalyptus trees at the edges of fields to absorb salted drainage water, with limited success. Crime scene cleanup must continue if we are to reign in the damages of factory farming throughout the state of California.

Sacramento the Sacramento River carries about 270 in each acre foot. Now compare this figure to be Colorado River which carries roughly 2 pounds of salt per acre for the water. If we are talking about water cleanup as crime scene cleanup for the sake of future generations in the Earth's other residents, then we must look to the Colorado River and have became a cesspool grading into Mexico. Those water into the San Joaquin River acre foot and almost 3300 pounds at times. This means a roughly 1.3 million tons of salt enter the Delta from the San Joaquin River. What is this about? It's about diminishing returns. It's about leveraging the capital needs.

As you of September 21, 2015, Cyprus when Earnshaw and the usual for this time of year. For those inclined to say it's because of global warming, we have to delve a method at the limits and some just Cyprus

Temperatures for more than. Including two. Change as a subtropical moisture goes into the area. Bring in thundershowers that may start at nighttime we will find an increased amount of the death Cherelle Cyprus. Forecasters are uncertain of the return of higher than typical he to the area, so certain, the city of Cyprus elderly should be on the alert for increased temperatures. Some for John forecasters claim that by September 26 53 was in 90° heat again. Raises are temperature above normal remains to be seen. It's still not anything like other parts of the world have experienced in the last month or two.

One presidential candidate has commented that a ran experience "Hills like temperature of 155" and one around suburb.

The National Weather Service claims that showers didn't understand shall also be experienced in the area through is nothing like that heatwave Ventura California cannot possibly be sleeping alone.


True life crime scene cleanup adventure story

Due to the many problems that follow with maintenance for a menu, I've switched my links to a blog.


Continues on biohazard cleanup writing. I've just added a Los Angeles County shit cleanup page. Here's some Orange County suicide cleanup information page. See this feces cleanup page for exiting poop cleanup information.

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