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Decomposition cleanup narrative --

I'm Eddie Evans and I do decomposition cleanup work in California. I live in Orange County, California, but I do not cleanup blood or other forms of biohazard in Orange County. Why not? Because our Orange County government employees have a monopoly over blood cleanup as well as death cleanup in general.

This means that when there's an unattended death in Orange County and families require decomposition cleanup services, they do not have a free market to choose from. You have only those choices given them by a corners employ, which is usually a corners investigator.

My Services

My services include homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and blood cleanup following traumatic events. Because I have no implies, and because I do not need to pay a kickback to county employees, I do not need to charge as much as my competitors. Therefore you would think that I would have plenty of business in Orange County, but as I say, "blood cleanup in Orange County, California is monopolized."

I tend to add value when and where that I can. For example, if your refrigerators needs emptying, then I can do the job as part of the larger suicide cleanup; it's about infectious waste, after all.

The most demanding decompositions begin to dry out after 72 hours or so. This depends on the weather, meaning temperature, humidity, and ventilation. A decedent's diet may even come into play when orders are considered during decomposition.

Decomposition cleanup often arises from a suicide because suicide often take place unattended. Like any other unattended death, suicide cleanup will follow the same procedures for decomposition cleanup.

Decomposition Begins

Decomposition of the human being begins seconds after death. Brain cells begin to die off and decompose. This is why physicians know that when a person has stopped receiving oxygen for a short period of time, most likely the last brain cells.

Wet blood, moist like, and dry flaky letter known as biohazards as are other fluids contaminated by blood and tissues contaminated by blood. To avoid contamination by these biohazards, biohazard cleaners should work from a distance, which means not working up close to biohazards. Biohazards can be disinfected from a distance. They can also be removed from a distance. However decomposition cleanup requires removal of blood and blood products from furnishings, mattresses, bedding, pillows, carpet and carpet padding. This requires time and often close-up work. Gloves, goggles, a face mask covering them nose and mouth should be covered. Protective clothing should be worn also. Care should be taken to avoid cross contamination from shoes becoming contaminated by blood and other products on floors.

I make it a point to place a towel on the floor and before removing the room, I for either bleach or hydrogen peroxide over my shoes and then I wiped them on that count. Sometimes I use an old carpet for the same thing. Of course carpet is thoroughly clean if I choose to use it to decontaminate my foot gear.


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