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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.



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Don't date or marry an abusive person.

An abusive boyfriend or abusive husband in the early days becomes an abusive boyfriend or abusive husband in the later days. The most important risk factors for the abusive perpetrator's blood of their partner are estrangement and previous assaultive and controlling behavior.

My suicide cleanup experience shows an abusive boyfriend may first kill or seriously hurt someone, then commits suicide. Noted below, this behavior has a depression trigger turned to rage. A basic emotion for fear of disassociation and isolation generalizes to other emotions.

This same character type becomes involved in killing a blood relative, spouse, or others and may have relatives has a long history. We'll note these homicides always occurred (Cain and Able, Oedipus), but their numbers remained small compared with current history.

An evolutionary psychological view of a disordered mind can be used to predict the sorts of cases in which killers commit suicide. I believe evolutionary psychology fails in its predictive power overall, but considering it during suicide cleanup activities has lead to possible descriptive value.

In terms of homicide and suicide, whichever category of homicides is most clearly contrary to a killer's fitness, it should not occur. That it does occur means it's a madder act; it should occur at all; and when it does occur, it may follow a head injury or undiagnosed disease.

Evolutionary Theory and Murder-Suicide Temperment - Genetics - Evolution's Murder-Suicide Craziness Hierarchy

Three keys considered during various suicide cleanup jobs involving a homicide.hip support.

If we were to look at humanity's genetics and environmental pressures, we might hope to find an evolutionary theory for murder-suicide. Such a theory would explain murder-suicide as a fitness to survive in today's social and biological conditions.

In terms of evolution's 4 major postulate for the evolution of a species, suicide fails to fit in . Murder suicide fails to fit in. Homicide does fit in, as psychoanalysis has explained in pragmatic terms.

Just the same, considering how such a theory of suicide, murder-suicide, and homicide might work out gives a glimpse of what's going on internally and externally for our murder-suicide perpetrator-victims.



Externally we expect a temperments evolving for murder-sucide seems unlikely. If temperment includes attitudes, beliefs, and opinions honed from years of socialization, family and peer pressures, we sound not expect an evolutionary benefit from murder-suicide. An evolved temperment for murder-suicide will not reproduce itself in great enough numbers to pass on such temperments.



Also, finding a genetic predisposition for murder-suicide does not appeal to this writer. It's as likely to find a murder-suicide gene in humanity as it is to find a race gene. It's not going to happen. We might find a pattern of genetic structures allowing for loss of emotional control and other forms of emotional disorder. None of this stops our subject from passing on these gene generation to generation.

Emotional disorder need not translate into murder-suicide. When it does, our perpetrator's suicide stops the engine of reproduction. For murder-suicide to continue in evolutionary terms, kinship murders must occur some time in the perpetrator's early reproduction years and continue to do so.

Biology tells us that other species do kill biological relations soon after mating, but they do not self-murder.

Overall, killing kinfolk contributes little or nothing to the perpetrator's genetic reproduction. We find a disordered mind arising from a murder-suicide pathology. So we must say, "It's simply crazy to kill those most likely to help a perpetrator survive."

This means social and biological limits to murder-suicide find a reversed logic in the disordered mind, according to evolutionary theory.

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Evolution's Craziness Hierarchy

A hierarchy of perpetrator craziness shows us degrees of insanity in kinship murder-suicide's disordered minds.

  1. Killing a biological child is crazier than killing one's step-child
  2. Killing one's older child is crazier than killing one's infant.
  3. Killing one's mother is crazier than killing one's father. (See Ariel in the Tempest)
  4. Killing one's sister is crazier than killing one's brother.
  5. Murder-suicide should benefit the perpetrator.

To repeat, In evolutionary logic, suicide should somehow benefit the suicidal temperment following the homicide of one or more kinfolk. Overall, temperment once controlled by internal and external limits now exceeds social limits. An obnoxious person loses popularity quickly. A homicidal person might lose popularity as quickly, as our evolutionary pans out.


Murder-Suicide versus Homicide Similarities

Let's consider a murder-suicide temperment. Will a murder-suicide temperment show more similarities to suicide victims or homicide perpetrators only? Answering this questions directs us to a default logic. By default, the murder-suicide temperment should show more similarities to a suicidal temperment.

We find evidence in white male suicides. White males account for 73% of suicides. We would expect murder-suicide temperment. Logically, not evolutionarily, we expect this demographic group's temperment to show more similarities to murder-suicide temperments than homicidal temperments.

Most likely in the wild, civilization in this case, murder-suicide must occur in a perpetrator-victim's older years, if it occurs as an evolutionary trait. Although the numbers go along with this line of reasoning, correlations fail to match reality more often than not.

Suicide victims, as often found in suicide cleanup activities, suffered profound depression. We should expect this order of depression among murder-suicide perpetrator-victims. As with suicide victims, murder-suicide will follow failed relationships. Time need not follow as a significant variable either. The perpetrator's fear turned to rage triggers during intoxication and/or uncomfortable, stressful moments.

Denial a Major Idea

Denial either becomes or remains a major source of perpetrator's temperment. Depression masks itself in self-medicating and a perpetrator's denial of a lost relationship. "She'll take me back."

Self-medicating, alcohol and drug abuse, may occur more often in murder-suicide than homicide. The loss of kinship relations carries emotional ties not always available in homicide only acts. Self-medicating does not serve the homicide perpetrator's need for suicide planning and loss of self, self-grieving.


Kinship Homicide a Greater Loss

In evolutionary terms, we look to the homicide of biological children, older biological children, siblings, and parents as catastrophic, traumatic acts greater than spousal and step-child homicides. No reproductive advantage follows some kinship homicides in many cases. Murder-suicide becomes even madder.

In all cases, expect an enraged, aggressive impulse similar to that in the homicidal temperment as a "trigger" in murder-suicide. Soon after the depressive and now grieving emotions return, suicide follows. In evolutionary terms, what could be madder?

Murder-suicide need not occur as a planned event, "lying in wait" mentality. Homicidal temperments do plan out "lying in wait" homicides as well as acting out of rage, but the suicidal act comes about spontaneously for younger murder-suicide perpetrator-victims.

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Evolution Favors Homicidal Acts

In evolutionary terms, homicidal temperaments, given the social, historical, and environmental conditions, reproduce more successfully than not-homicidal. Freud would agree with this default logic, as he spells out in

Totem and Taboo. "The religion of the son replaces the religion of the father," not by primogenitor, but murder.

We expect men to commit murder-suicide more often than female perpetrator-victims. As noted above, men commit homicide more often than women, too. Also, women are less likely to have been drinking or under the influence of other drugs at the time of committing a homicide. Women will show more depression and less often suffer personality disorders.

Some writers say alcohol correlates to homicide about 44% of the time. Drugs come in much lower with about 10% for perpetrators and 7% for victims. These drug number do not sound high enough for my experience. Drugs seem to appear on many more suicide cleanups the 10% and 7%.


Ariel in "The Tempest" :

Full fathom five thy father lies:

Of his bones are coral made;

Those are pearls that were his eyes;

Nothing of him that doth fade

But doth suifer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange. . . .


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Cronyism in Orange County

I live in Orange County, California. But I clean in many states. If you have noticed my absence of comments about Orange County in particular, it's because I clean in Orange County about once per year. Rarely do I have suicide cleanup work in Orange County. Maybe once in every 3 years I receive a suicide cleanup call in my own county because of coroner employee fraud.


My suicide cleanup business attends to needs in Sacramento, Seal Beach, and Las Vegas much more often. Only one cause explains why. The Orange County coroner's office has crony employees. "Crony" means corrupt. In Orange County suicide cleanup work it means county employees send family members of suicide victims to their own cleaning company, or a crony suicide cleanup company.

As a result of this fraud, I have created Orange County Consumer Fraud and Suicide Cleanup Fraud for consumer awareness. I will create more web pages to help alert those in need of suicide cleanup services.

My suicide cleanup work focuses on the hygienic needs of toddlers first. Because toddlers spend so much time on the floor I clean for them. I reduce blood from carpets by cutting out blood soiled areas. These areas receive thorough cleaning, disinfection, and sealing.

Suicide cleanup has hazards as well as uncomfortable working conditions, as callers know all too well. My decontamination equipment includes an ozone machine and chemical fogger.

Suicide cleanup includes cleaning up blood possibly infected by viruses and other pathogens, germs. Following violent crimes we often call suicide cleanup, "crime scene cleanup. 'Likewise with suicides. We call blood cleanup "biohazard cleanup" following a suicide.

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