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I am Eddie Evans and I am known as a crime scene cleanup practitioner. I own my own crime scene cleanup company in Orange County, California. As a crime scene cleanup practitioner and crime scene cleanup company owner – – Biosafe, I am also known as a biohazard cleanup practitioner. Because of corruption in the orange County Sheriff-corner department and other Sheriff coroner departments throughout the United States, I practice infectious waste cleanup to keep my business going. Infectious waste cleanup includes filth cleanup.

Human feces, garbage, and other infectious waste receive my full care and attention. Call me any hour, any day to ask questions about my filth cleanup services.

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Full Service Filth Cleanup




This filth cleanup information web page shares what I know about filth cleanup. Filth cleanup does not fulfill my day; I do not feel good about this part of my work and do not look forward to it. I know it's "all in my head." It's not that different than blood cleanup after all.

Just the same, it does not give me the deep sense of satisfaction that I gain from helping a family with their homicide, suicide, or unattended death with decomposition cleanup needs.

I do this work because I must, because I have the skills, abilities, and knowledge to do it and do it well. I prefer blood cleanup.


I share information about my filth cleaning business for Los Angeles County. I also clean in the surrounding cities and counties throughout California.

I've worked at California biohazard cleanup in general for just about all of my 14 years in the professional cleaning business. Filth cleanup does not qualify as biohazard cleanup related work, by the way. Filth cleanup does qualify as infectious waste cleanup, though. If I find that blood exists on a filth cleanup job, then that filthy scene also becomes a biohazard cleanup scene, which costs more in some cases.

Most of us know about filth by our experiences with its odors and appearances. From human feces to garbage, we find filth. Garbage cleanup is filth cleanup because of bacteria in garbage. Still, filth cleanup for garbage does not pay nearly as well as feces cleanup, another type of filth cleanup. And not just any feces cleanup pays top dollar as filth cleanup. Human feces cleanup pays top dollar for filth cleanup, bar none.

What sort of filth cleanup can you expect from my filth cleanup business?

Sometimes we find that the homeless combine their feces with dumpster garbage. For example, in some Los Angeles County business dumpster, we find garbage piled high as restaurants dump their left over food and cooking scraps. Homeless people will dig through it and leave a mess on the ground. Then, some times they will feces in and around this garbage mess. That's a double whammy when it comes to infectious waste cleanup.


Another homeless behavior characteristic arises when they feces along buildings and behind bushes. We find this occurring throughout Los Angeles County, but not so often these days. Businesses now remove bushes and install lights for nighttime security.

Still, it's tough keeping the homeless out of alleys and walkways between small businesses. These spots provide dandy feces places. It doesn't take long for filth to accumulate. A professional filth cleanup company usually gets the call; otherwise, there's a fast employee turnover when employees receive these feces cleanup duties.


The Filth Cleanup Phrase

Filth cleanup arises from the arrival of crime scene cleanup as a professional occupation. Filth cleanup remains in the free enterprise sector of our United States economy; coroner and other county employees illegally monopolize crime scene cleanup. As a result, I started my filth cleanup services. Had the county employees staid honest, I would focus on crime scene cleanup.

So I'd rather do biohazard cleanup than human feces cleanup, filth cleanup. As that goes, I'd much more prefer to do dog, cat, or pigeon feces cleanup than human feces cleanup. Human feces and other animals' feces, by the way, is what moves a house from the realm of a very dirty house to a filthy house. Words are such funny little things when it comes to describing the cleaning business.

Filth Cleanup

Call me Eddie Evans. Make me a filth cleaning offer and we'll begin from there. I hope to please while helping you recover your home from stuff and neglect. I can clean for one day or ten. The time it takes me to clean depends on your needs and wishes.

Some hoarders hire me to relieve their home of the mass of filth cleanup debris and complete the rest on their own. Here's one one of gauging the degrees of filth and services required for your purposes -- the tier system:

Filth Cleanup 3 Tier System

  1. Lest filth debris with mild cleaning tasks remaining -
  2. Mid-range filth debris remaining with lifting, moving, disposing, arranging, and surface-wide cleaning remaining -
  3. Heaviest filth debris lifting, moving, disposing, arranging, with heaviest cleaning tasks pending
I use this tier system to help plan for filth cleanup as well as other types of cleaning. I also have other Los Angeles businesses: homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup businesses. From these businesses it's easy to see that filth cleanup does not count as my first and most lucrative cleaning business.

At time I practice my Los Angeles filthy house cleanup business when I find a filthy house in need of tiers 2 and 3 type cleaning. This tier system helps communicate to others what I intend to do and when they might choose to take over. Of course with the biohazard cleanup tasks listed above, I always clean tiers 2 and 3 since that's why I'm hired in the first place.


Not Cheap

So that you know beforehand, Los Angeles filth cleaning does not come cheap. I do my best to make it affordable, but that's another part of my story for another time. The fact remains that people do not sell the skills, abilities, knowledge, and labor cheap unless they must. My prices reflect the cost of doing business:

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Cleaning Insurance
  • Vehicle cost and maintenance
  • Selling my labor for filth cleanup when I could sell it on the Internet for writing content much like this.
  • Lost time from my remaining life time.

So, no, I do not sell my cleaning labor cheap; if someone tells you that they do "Filth cleaning cheaply," and you believe it, then maybe you found a deal or a fact twister.

My prices really do depend on free market forces. Completion, my availability, upcoming jobs, my current business needs, and so forth. Call me.

Tell me what you deal with. I'll tell you what I know about filth cleaning. Call filth cleaning companies. Find out what they offer and find out about their prices. Some filth cleaning companies offer a steep price while doing excellent cleaning.

Of course prices are always relative in the meaning of "cheap" and "expensive" depend on the buyer and the seller. I believe I sell my labor, skills, abilities, and knowledge for a fair price. Just the same it seems "expensive" to me because of my background, I suppose.

For some people I am just to "expensive" to afford. For others I am "cheap" because they have deep pockets, income producing property, or professional occupation with the income to go along with it. So prices are relative to these variables.

Remember my telephone number 888-431-7233 appears on hundreds of web pages for marketing reasons.



Toilets deserve special mention in the context of feces cleaning. A number of examples will make clear how toilets become a big feces cleanup business for some.

First, a category of toilet abusers exist in the general public. We find these people abusing the public toilets, which leaves toilet feces cleanup to government custodians, private business janitors, and anyone else that happens to be in charge of public toilet feces cleanup.

Second, toilet abusers in homes include the very young and the elderly. We know about children because they are doing their best and practicing their new learning curve. Besides, they have problems reaching the toilet seat at times let alone remaining upon it.

Then we have the elderly and their feeble condition. For them just making it to the toilet becomes a challenge. Especially when recently discharged from hospital, the elderly can make a mess out of the toilet. In such cases a feces cleanup takes place by friends, family members, and professional caretakers.

The elderly also face bowel problems. For many it becomes a matter of continence and diapers. A toilet fixtures sometimes helps with sitting on a standard toilet.


Third, we have a category of toilet abusers with related feces cleanup issues. In this category we may find hoarders. Among these orders we will find schizophrenic conditions as well as various substance abusers. A plumbing problem leads to a toilet soiled by and filled by feces.

This sort of feces cleanup surpasses the job description of the maid service. It also surpasses the job description of a plumber. So it comes to a family member or friend to take care of this sort of feces cleanup. New on the scene, we have the professional feces cleanup technician, otherwise known as a biohazard cleanup technician if not a crime scene cleanup technician.

What happens is that in some cases the toilet offender becomes too embarrassed by the condition of the toilet. Sometimes the offending person becomes embarrassed by the condition of their home. In either or both cases they do not want anyone coming in to their home. Sometimes a social worker will call out the feces cleanup company.

In ancient Greece and then even in the days of the Roman Empire, public baths were used to take care of feces so that feces cleanup did not add to the overall self cleanup requirements. The ruling class have their own personal servants and slaves handle their feces cleanup. For the common people, issues of feces were kept to a minimum because they lived in world areas and accumulation of feces is not develop until urban areas arose. This generalization will need to serve for the moment.

Filth cleanup became a real issue though has chambermaids came into existence. The role of the chamber maid was to remove their masters feces that accumulated during the night in a chamber pot. These pots were then carried to an outdoor collection area. Here the feces gathered and chamber maids often stepped in the feces. Then they walked into their master's homes with feces on their shoes. Filth cleanup followed.


A Responsible Party

A responsible party is the person that pays for the cleanup. If not actually paying for the cleaning, the responsible party may ensure that payment happens at the cleaning site. They may have been the person to call me to. They may supervise the work.

They may be the one to inspect the work once it is completed. Many times the responsible party is a family member looking out for the interest of a parent or sibling. Sometimes a social worker becomes the responsible party.


First Filth Job

I did my first filth cleaning job as a very young boy. One of our neighbors had a filth problem and their son played baseball with all the kids. When his father suffered a near-fatal injury at work, some of us came to his house.

Once in we saw for ourselves what "filth" means. Well, "clutter" would also cover the presenting issues. On a whim all the kids decided to straighten out the clutter and bring an end to the confusing sight creating by indiscriminate filth. In a few hours we had every room shipshape. We were pleased, and my friend's parents were embarrassed, I learned later.

That's how I learned about filth cleaning and cluttered houses. Decades passed before I returned to filth cleaning as a professional biohazard cleaner. Filth cleaning needs create embarrassment for those in the filth cleaning market. As a consequence I keep filth cleaning web sites available for different cities.

So before long you may stumble across a number of my web sites. I do not do this to annoy people. Marketing with many web sites in Los Angeles became a necessity for me because of local government corruption. If you visit crime scene cleanup cronyism you can read about it.

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Filth cleaning Professionals

What about filth cleaning companies and their cleaning employees? What sort of person does filth cleaning and do more men do filth cleaning work than women?

What about income and filth cleaning? Does filth cleaning pay more than other types of cleaning like blood cleanup? These questions might interest you if for some reason you think like me.

There's plenty of information out there about infectious waste cleanup in general. It does not seem to appear easily, but it's there. A few books do bring these issue to light, and oftentimes in historical contexts. As a profession, infectious waste cleanup came into its own as the germ theory of disease came into our belief system. That's between 1880 and 1900. Before than, individuals were paid by the job, but could not start a business like my biohazard cleanup business.


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