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I offer an affordable after death cleanup service for homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition. I clean after death throughout Orange County as well as California. My experience includes over seven years of death cleanup and military trauma cleanup.

Why I cost less

I cost less because I clean alone. I do not need to pay employees' medical insurance and workman's compensation. I do not need to pay county employees kickbacks. To learn more visit orange-county-crime-scene-cleanup.com.

County Employee Kickbacks

You may have received a referral to another company from a county employee. Orange County's Sheriff-Coroner and Administrator employees refer to my competitors, but not to me. This is not true of all employees, but I do have proof in writing and from more than one client.and client.

You may have found county referred companies charge three, four, and even more times than I charge. Because these companies have guaranteed work from county employees they do not compete in the open, free market. As a result their prices remain very high. This is why I have an affordable blood cleanup web site; I'm affordable because I can be. Others, they also use employees and employees require higher cleaning fees, although the workers do not share in the enormous profits.

Because Los Angeles County's local government, coroner's office and adiministrator's office, also hs cronyism, I must advertise all of the time.

I should mention that my Lemon Heights suicide cleanup web site needs all the help it can get to do well on the Internet in Orange County. I'm not quite sure what I can do to help it, but I will do my best to find out more. It's important to help Lemon Heights's grieving families.

For anyone interested in my quest to create free enterprise in crime scene cleanup, visit my Orange County Cronyism web site where I discuss what happens in the Orange County coroner and administrator's offices.

Affordable Explained

If ever a relative word existed, besides "relative," affordable proves the point for the relative differences between people and the circumstances. So when it comes to affordable blood cleanup, we know some folks have more than enough to afford my reduced price death cleanup fees. For these grieving families with a little more discretionary income, I'm pleased to pass on my solo cleaner death cleanup savings. I also pass on my fixed priced biohazard pickup fees, which thanks to Stericycle remain very fair.

For those without discretionary income for death cleanup, I offer even more price reductions. Not affordable death cleanup prices, but for goods-in-trade. This means that I will barter my labor and costs for something in return. Computers and related electronics will help reduce my fees. Some tools have value to me and may go toward my fee. At the end of the fiscal year I report to INS how much wealth I bartered. A suicide cleanup, a decomposition cleanup, or other biohazard cleanup bartered saves you money and still covers part or all of my fees.

Besides offering affordable death cleanup services, I offer dirty house cleaning services.


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