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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.


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Here's a link to a Car Blood Cleanup for Suicides web site.

Car suicide cleanup information callers will not know what questions to ask or how to proceed. Nevertheless, some will insist on controlling the conversation and insist upon telling what information they think you need for a car suicide cleanup.


Los Angeles Car Suicide Cleanup Callers

There is a caller that begins talking to the suicide cleanup practitioner before he can even say his company name. This caller may not have any emotional connection to the suicide cleanup. Anxiety still resides in their minds. There is an economic issue at work and little else. As a result this caller can be expected to say just about anything about the suicide cleanup needs to keep it cheap.

Where the caller does have some factual information, do not count on it being given accurately. They will hide as much as they can. They believe that somehow keeping you in the dark will allow them to feed you bullshit the way mushroom growers feed fertilizer to mushrooms growing in the dark. I call this the "Mushroom suicide cleanup caller's story."

Then there's the caller with a deep emotional ties to the suicide victim. This caller may be overwhelmed. This caller may have been present during the suicide. This caller may have observed the suicide scene. This caller may refuse to see the car and just wants to get the cleanup issue out of their life.

Sometimes these callers do not want to keep the car, but believe that they must have the suicide cleaned up before they can sell the car or give it away. On this account they are correct. When it comes to a biohazard cleanup, suicide, homicide, or unattended death, then a vehicle suicide cleanup most often gets taken care.

Suicide cleanup cars, like any biohazard cleanup vehicle, is quite hard to sell. Blood does not encourage buyers.

As a result, it's sometimes difficult to find a moment to politely but-in to control the conversation. So if this is not done, then the call ar will rattle on and on giving all sorts of information that is not even pertinent to the car suicide cleanup.

I may say, "I have a bunch of questions to make it easier and quicker for both of us. I have been at this work for 14 years and I have a pretty good idea of where these conversations need to go to benefit both of us."

Pertinent Questions

After I ask these questions they're usually glad. They find the suicide cleanup information of value, anyway.

So questions like the following may help expedite the suicide cleanup sooner than later.

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Cars location

In what city is the car located? For those of us in the "free market" suicide cleanup business, this type of information gives a hint as to how we run our business, my traveling. We do not have the luxury of paying off a crony corners employee for suicide cleanup referrals .I traveled a total of 900 miles for my first car suicide cleanup job. I learned a lot on that job and I do not regret doing it. What I have learned to do is to see my work as "training for the next job."

Is the car in a parking lot? Naturally we cannot expect to work in a parking lot. Some cars must be told elsewhere. Sometimes an owner or friend of the owner or the suicide victim's family will take care of moving the vehicle. Then in the worst circumstances the cleaner gets to move the vehicle. When local to the cleaner, the vehicle can be taken to the cleaners shop. This becomes preferable for those of us can afford a shop.

Unfortunately, independent "biohazard cleanup companies" don't remain in the United States. Sheriff corners and all the counties, it appears, have a monopoly over biohazard cleanup at this time. If it were otherwise, I would move to one of those honest County's in a flash.

Is the car and a body shop? If in a body shop, you know how long the car has been parked there? Do you know if the body shop will allow a suicide cleanup practitioner to use their shop to cleanup the suicide? Do you know if the body shop will allow the suicide cleanup practitioner to use their water and electricity?

Is the car at a residence? If at a residence, it then depends on where the cars location. If close to neighbors, the cleanup could be difficult. On the plus side, water and electricity should be available. Also we should have support from those within the residence. Sometimes a residences in a rural area where there are no neighbors to speak of. This remains my preference at all times.

If a residence, is it located at a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, or is the vehicle a recreational vehicle? Of course we cannot work on a vehicle if it is in a condominium parking lot. We could get away with it in a recreational vehicle, but not for long time, depending on circumstances.

I once traveled out of state to clean a suicide cleanup recreational vehicle. In this case the suicide victim used a shotgun. The entire interior of the vehicle had suffered biohazardous damage. Oddly enough, the victim met me at the out cleanup scene which was in a large dirt parking lot belonging to a local police department.

Since the police department had no real interest in the vehicle or the suicide, for two days they paid zero interest to me or the victim's brother as I cleanede. Even more odd, the brothers interested in the cleanup became very helpful.

Car Insurance

Is the car insured? Of course car insurance means a lot to a guy like myself. I prefer that I speak with the car insurance company adjuster before I go to work. This makes life much easier, especially when they hear my estimated price. Still, I require the suicide victim's responsible party to pay upfront. I prefer cash. In fact, when no insurance company steps up, I required cash.

You can see how important this approach becomes for the independent crime scene cleanup practitioner. Any time one goes out of County there is really no quick way to get back to the offenders in another county. Then consider travel to other states, which is often out of the question for return trip.

Who owns the car?

Who owns the car? Car ownership should be established as much as possible. When there is a bodyshop and involve this issue rarely comes up. Body shops are not likely to put their time, labor, and materials into a car that they have not established ownership. Besides, they usually deal with car insurance companies.

Who will pay

Who will pay? Although I have covered this material rather closely above, it remains to settle this on the telephone and then by email and in concrete terms. No one wants to put their hands into a blotting mass and discover after cleaning up this biohazardous situation for nothing. Believe me, I have done a few cars with multiple shooting victims, including one triple homicide, and I knew well before hand will receive the bill and how and when they were going to pay.



Do you know what sort of damage has occurred? Most suicide cleanup callers are women and they seem to know the least about cars. Let alone knowing makes and models, and what sort of damage could have occurred,. The least likely to want to discuss the situation. Still, by asking critical questions in a nonthreatening manner one can learn about the needs of the cleanup. Going to a Carrick suicide cleanup should never be done completely in the dark in any case.

Can you say what seat the suicide victim was in during the incident? Although callers may not understand why you asked this question, I see no reason or purpose for this question, it is vital to car suicide cleanup. An open window may have major job easier. Especially those suicides in which the suicide victim's skull and brain matter exit the vehicle through the open window.

With the window closed, the suicide victim's skull and brain matter ends up splattered on the window, unless the bone fragments and crash through the window. With the window closed and no exit of matter through broken glass, you can bet that blood in goo boost into the door via the window seal. The door must come apart and this takes time. For the first time car suicide cleanup practitioner taking a car door apart, this can take an entire day.

With the windows closed but destroyed by exiting skull fragments in the bullet, the same problems arise for the suicide cleanup practitioner, but with additional issues related to glass cleanup. Most often it turns out that glass cleanup first becomes the most practical approach. Car suicide cleanup without glass cleanup leads to the suicide cleanup practitioner getting cut and adding to the blood he mess.

Can you say what sort of damage occurred? This question tells me if I am going to work for USD100 an hour or USD20 an hour. It is hard to make any more than USD100 an hour in car suicide cleanup work. The only guys make more USD100 an hour in this type of work are the guys that only suicide cleanup companies that pay corners employs a referral fee; then again, the guys and make more than hundred dollars an hour often the corners employees who own the suicide cleanup companies.

Simply put, from my experience, there is no such thing as an easy car suicide cleanup. All car suicide cleanup's come with a lot of hard, tedious, detailed work. And each and every one must be done very carefully so as not to destroy the electrical system. This becomes harder every year as cars become more sophisticated and complex. Even learning to move the seats these days and the newer brands of cars sometimes requires help from bodyshop workers. Not all bodyshop workers will volunteer to help. They know their jobs are in jeopardy if they do not stay at the task at hand.

For those bodyshop workers that do volunteer to help, I ensure that they receive a USD20 bill if not sooner than later. If ever I need to borrow a tool, and I do not think I have ever asked, I would be willing to pay for the price of the tool just to borrow it. When it comes to car suicide cleanup I do not want to invest any more time in it that I absolutely have to.

Usually the workers are spooked by the idea blood in their workplace. Shop managers and owners have their own ideas about biohazard cleanup and they think that bloodborne pathogens are going to get into the air and everybody's going to get sick and die. They want you out. Of course I want out as quickly as I can get out.

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In a personal email exchange for information related to an ozone machine and suicide cleanup in cars, the following ensued.

I sent a link to you that is under $400. I have never paid so little for so much machine as I read about it. It is hard to believe it can be any good but they claimant has a five-year warranty. It is manufactured in Florida which is where we will go if it needs work. It is going to be shipped from Texas.

Yes, the San Diego check is here. I have not yet invoiced the Stockton job or the Los Angeles job, which comes to about $22.00. The larger invoice goes out as soon as I print the invoice There was no suicide cleanup, but an unattended death. The Stockton job had a bunch of land fill receipts because I did a move out. I have to go out and find all the landfill receipts because there is at least five receipts and that equals around $200.

I need to be able to take care of odors and vehicles, cars. As for houses and apartments and such, that is another matter.

I need to get organized so that I can find stuff when I need it. I do not even know where to find my tools anymore. I used them on cars too long ago. Cars require special tools. Cars are not easy to clean because of the bending. Sometimes the shotgun (rider's) seat has come out. There are always wires to be concerned about because once a wire is severed, the entire electrical system is now in jeopardy.


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