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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

I'm the only person actively pursuing this Los Angeles County government cronyism and greed." Find me a large enough county that's honest and I'll move there to serve its families need for their crime scene cleanup needs. Let the free market do it. Eddie Evans

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No lies and no county employee manipulation.



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How I Disinfect - How I cleanup Blood

This crime scene cleanup page offers information for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup in Los Angeles County. Its telephone remains open at all hours on all days. This business has family ownership and a one person crew, Eddie Evans.

Eddie Evans' professional biohazard cleanup for Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death

I know of two independent crimes scene cleaners in Orange County, Los Angeles County. Myself, Eddie Evans, and another fellah whose name I cannot recollect, if he's still in business. I have referred crime scene cleanup work to him years ago. I hope that he remains in business and well.

Orange County Employees Illegal Monopoly

Since our Orange County Government employees have a monopoly over Orange County crime scene cleanup contacts, I cannot compete with their cleaning opportunities. All that i can do is inform as many people as I can that our county has become a crony empire for government employees.

See my web sites, crime scene cleanup and Orange County Fraud for more information. I'd much rather read a good book than spend my time writing about this gross fraud against bereaved families, but someone needs to do it. It does little good. It seems that our government has corruption from top to bottom. Of course, the great majority of county employees earn their income and lead ethical lives in our service.

Biohazard Cleanup

In the context of crime scene cleanup, in Anaheim's biohazard cleanup language we have a special meaning for biohazards. Unlike the more general meanings for this term, here we have specific meanings. Here's some examples. We're talking about regulated waste. These waste come in the form of liquid or semiliquid blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).


We also find these wastes as contaminated items, which release blood or OPIM in a liquid or semiliquid state, if compressed, guess what, blood comes out at times and this constitutes a biohazard for both the blood and the object compressed. XXXX Crime scene cleaners also come across stuff caked with dried blood or OPIM. These materials capable of releasing blood or OIM during handling qualify as regulated waste. Pathological and microbial wastes also qualify as regulated, and therefore biohazards.

Homicide Cleanup

Homicide cleanup usually costs about the same as suicide cleanup. Differences may arise from the various weapons. Also, the place of death may lead to different price. What we can figure for certain, few other biohazard cleanup companies offer prices as low as Eddie Evans's in Orange County.

It's always best to call around and find a lower price with more services for a professional Anaheim homicide cleaner. Eddie Evans guarantees his work. He is licensed, bonded, and insured for Orange County crime scene cleanup services. I keep an Orange County crime scene cleanup directory for helping to protect families from Orange County employees.

If you have an idea that the current monopoly over crime scene cleanup in Anaheim costs more, you have the right idea. By monopolizing blood cleanup services in Anaheim, other companies cannot compete. Blood cleanup by small businesses could easily lower the costs of death cleanup greatly.


Suicide Cleanup

Suicide cleanup does differ in Orange County, California, from other areas of our country. Likewise, crime scene cleanup in Orange County may cost more or less depending upon season, place of death, type of weapon used, and so forth. We receive warmer summers than in other places of our country. Winter months even tend toward warmer days, which leads to decomposition issues.

Anaheim has a culturally mixed population. This shows up in statistical data for suicides. Suicide occures more frequently among older white males. About 73 percent of suicides across these United States occur among white males. White females account for about 17 percent. Of course, these numbers undergo change as time passes.

For examples, suicide among African American males used to take place on rare occasions. This however, seems to undergo changes as new social pressures and isolation inhibit African American unity and socialization.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Most often unattended deaths follow serious accidents or illnesses. Elderly people in Anaheim tend to die alone because of our social and cultural desire for independence. As a result decomposition follows death as the decedent remains down for days if not weeks.

Decomposition begins in the brain within a couple minutes following death. The body's numerous bacteria begin to die off. Others begin to feed on these bacteria opportunistically. Once the body's skin breaks, external bacteria begin to invade and quicken the rate of decomposition.

Deaths Odors Not Dangerous

Odors develop rather quickly from blood, urine, feces, spinal fluid, and other types of fluid. A sulfur and urine odor begin to permeate the surrounding fabrics, floors, walls, and even furniture. Anything with a cellular structure becomes a host for these odors. Paper and especially carpet padding hold these odors tenaciously. In the more serious events where paper represent significant wealth or power, these are often duplicated. Ozone helps to reduce and at times remove death's odors.

Body fat becomes semi-liquid during warm, external conditions.


Decomposition Cleanup


Anaheim remains one of my favorite cities. Because I used to visit Disneyland rather frequently with my little friends, I became overly excited when hearing the name,
"Anaheim." We're talking over five decades ago. In those days Anaheim had many thousands of Orange Tree acres.

By 2010, Anaheim had 336,265, making it the most populated city in Orange County. Also known as the , the 10th most-populated city in California, its population ranks as number 45 nationwide. By certain we can expect Anaheim's population to increase to 400,000 in just a few years.

Second only to Irvine in land area, Anaheim has turned rural farm acres into urban sprawl, beautiful urban sprawl at that. Just as the Dutch made their homes and farms in Cypress, Artesia, and Norwalk, Germans did the same in Anaheim. By 1857 German immigrants were working hard at building a civilized landscape for our future.

By the time February 10, 1970, came around, Anaheim developed into an industrial center, producing electronics, aircraft parts and canned fruit. Our Disney Resort came to Anaheim because land values were right, many acres for an amusement park were available, and Walt Disney said, "Let's rock!." In no time at all, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Honda Center and Anaheim Convention Center came to exist as the largest convention center on the West Coast.

"Heim" in German means home. Add "Ana" for the Santa Ana River, and Anaheim follows. Pretty tricky work work gave Anaheim a place German's came to respect as their home and a place to grow strong, patriotic families.

Cypress (my home town) and Anaheim's city limits border one another.

How I uncovered county government corruption.

Within three months of starting my Orange County crime scene cleanup business, I logically deducted that our county employees were using their face-to-face contacts with families for their own profit. I came to this conclusion without doubt.

I had used the Internet successfully for some time to promote my power washing and carpet cleaning business. My Orange County marble polishing web sites did well enough to bring work as I more-or-less desired. So when my dominating web presence on Orange County crime scene cleanup pages did not generate telephone calls, I had little more to do than think about this marketing outcome. For example, for concrete polishing my marketing efforts worked well. For crime scene cleanup my marketing efforts did not work well, and poorly most of the time.

During my first years, 2002 - 2005, the Orange County Coroner's Department had a list policy. That is, if a cleaning company's telephone number began with 714, as mine, then families with this same prefix were handed three crime scene cleanup company names and telephone address. As a result of this policy I typically received one or two calls within any six week period, seldom more. Also, these call were from apartment renters, never homes where insurance claims were made.

During these years I found myself in a dilemma. I knew the Orange County Sheriff. He had once promoted me as a senior court service officer when we both worked in the Orange County Marshal's Department. It would seem rude and odd for me to protest the abuse of Sheriff-Coroner referrals to victim's families. So I had to wait for something to change, and it did. When Sheriff Corona left office, I felt free to begin my protests and consumer advocacy for family victim's of condoner and administration employees.

So here I am, doing my best to stop these on-going crimes against families already victimized by homicides and suicides.

Orange County's government leaders have no interest in bringing this victimization of families to an end. I appears from my experience that the corruption exists in Orange County Government from top to bottom. I would rather that it not appear so, but it does.



I cannot ever remember cleaning in Anaheim because my Anaheim crime scene cleanup web sites do not reach those in need of my services. I must have cleaned in Anaheim at some time, though. As for an Anaheim homicide cleanup I cannot say.

What I do believe about Anaheim homicides, besides county courruption, there's similarities between Anaheim and other Orange County cities.

Historians tell us that as respect for government diminishes, homicides go up. There's historical evidence from English and European countries to this effect. Figures from homicides chronicles show increases in homicide as local and national governments undergo upheavels. Local people, men, begin losing respect as employment drops. Land loss adds to the homicide rates.

We should expect similar episodes in Anaheim's crime scene cleanup activities. As our national and local employment issues increase, so too should Anaheim's homicides. This type of relationship to individual's self-esteem may also explain why some communities show higher levels of homicide than others. In effect, income levels become another matter for crime scene cleanup. It become evident that our national policies toward the underemployed and unemployed play into our own community homicides.

An Anaheim crime scene cleanup research team ought to have access to Orange County statistical data. At least this might help explain what's going on in the area of Orange County homicides.


If you wonder why I have so many links on this page, the How Crime Scene Cleanup Works graphic to you right seeks to explain why. Most people in need of my services from Anaheim do not reach the Internet. So I do my best to reach those few grieving families that do reach Anaheim's Internet.

You see, Orange County Coroner and public administration employees direct the bereaved to corrupt cleaning companies. Or, they receive a referral fee for sending families to these corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. It's not legal; it's against county employees' conflict-of-interest pledge, but they do it anyway. They also cause bereaved families to pay more for death cleanup services.

Besides biohazard cleanup services, this web page leads to information about Orange County Consumer Fraud. This fraud resides in our local government, specifically in our Orange County Coroner's and Oran age County Public Guardian Offices. More information about this type of Orange County fraud will be found at crime scene cleanup.

Besides biohazard cleanup services, I offer partial move out of affected rooms. Usually I remove most carpet and carpet padding if some part needed cutting. Blood soiled carpet cannot be recovered. Likewise with blood soiled mattresses, couches, and other pieces of furniture.

My job becomes dissection to remove blood and other potentially infections materials. These go into a freezer until a biowaste transport company removes them from my possession. I do not charge for biowaste removal or handling in most cases.


I offer to help with other issues related to a family's need during my cleaning activities.

I keep my prices low. I can do this because I work alone. Sometimes my wife travels with me, but she stands-by as I remove heavily soiled and semi-soiled materials. Sometimes she helps with small items that need removal. Sometimes she helps restore children's clothing and toys. Usually these small chores do not add to costs.

My prices are, therefore, much less than other Orange County cleaning companies; most in this line of work have a relationship to Orange County Government. So they need to pay that government middle-person as well as their paid staff. Crime scene cleaner actually earn a fraction of what their boss makes, even though they take the risks and do the dirty work.

It is ironic that many trauma cleanup companies tell the public that blood cleanup is very dangerous because of bloodborne pathogens. Then they tell their cleaners the opposite: cleaning up blood is not dangerous. In fact, cleaning up blood is not dangerous if done slowly and cautiously.


How I Disinfect

Disinfecting begins at the very start of cleaning. When it comes to any type of biohazard cleanup, I disinfect anything that I can.

Most often I use a spray bottle and begin saturating objects meant for distruction with an extremely strong bleach solution. Caution must precede this approach. Fumes from chemical interactions between bleach and blood and OPIM soon begin to rise from the heat exchange between extreme ph differences.

Human blood with a pH below 7.35 has too much acid; blood pH above 7.45 creates an excissive basic condition. In the context of bleach and blood's pH levels, these ranges between normal and illness have no meaning. Bleach has an extreme basic pH level at about 12. This high alkaline level causes corrosive interaction with the much lower human blood pH levels. Keep in mind, that each step up or down the pH scale creats a 1,000 times increase or decrease in chemical power. The most common brand of bleach, Clorox, is 6% sodium hypochlorite and has a pH of 12.6. That's an extreme base.

So it's always a good idea to have good ventillation when spraying bleach onto blood or OPIM.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia recommends a bleach content of 25 percent bleach to 75 percent water for nonporus surface sanitizing.

I always use some sort of pretreatment with bleach before removing objects from a death scene cleanup. I believe that objects called "biohazards" do not belong on our public highways. At least, no more than absolutely necessary. So I make it my business to alter human blood's contents before removing them from death scenes.

This approach to objects removed from couches, chairs, mattresses, and other heavy objects requires a lot of bleach. I must cut blood soiled materials from non-soiled materials. Then I must bag them. I learned quickly in this business that adding bleach to enclosed bloody objects creates a discernable heat increase in bags' contents.

Cleaning up blood

When doing blood cleanup I try to work from a distance, especially in the beginning. I use gloves and glasses over my eyes. Even without gloves on during the later stages of blood cleanup, I use thick, plastic bags to grab soiled materials. Usually I have gloves on when doing this, though. The important idea is to keep blood from touching one's skin or splashing into our eyes, nose, or mouth. It's best not to talk while doing this type of work, by the way.

How I cleanup Blood

First, when I do remember, I check to make sure the toilet or toilets work. Oftentimes I send blood and blood related substances down the toilet, the sanitary sewer. Hospitals, morges, and mortuaries use this same sewer system.

Blood's dangers exist primarily when wet, moist, or flaky dry so as to become airborne if disturbed. I make a point of place paper towels over blood. Then I moisten with bleach and water if not another chemical solution. I allow for dwell dwell time.

I then work slowly and deliberately from a distance. I agitate the blood to cause its consistence to change. I try not to agitate too agressively. Causing blood to splatter, splash, increases the issue. Once I can either vacuum it, scrape it with a flat shovel or dust pan, or wipe it up, I do so. All the whilel blood's consistency must not become so liquefied that it will drains from a compressed object.


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