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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

I clean throughout Los Angeles County and the surroundng area. As a result no broker's services should be sought. Call me now. I charge less for the same or similar work. I help reduce odors. I remove biohazardous waste. Do not use a company referred by county or city employees, especially Los Angeles County Employees. They broker for a referal fell like any other broker.

Homicide, suicide, unattended death, human decomposition, and other infectious environments are among my focus. I clean alone and as a solo cleaner my prices reflect savings for my clients.

My telephone remain open every day and every hour. In fact, any time that my telephone cannot be reached means that I am traveling between mountain or under highpower wires. I have cleaned after hundreds of deaths and clean in XXXX frequently.


Crime scene cleanup brokers offers quick help when it comes to finding a crime scene cleanup company. We offer no price guarantee or benefit of excellent crime scene cleanup. In fact, when it comes to crime scene cleanup companies, we can recommend only one crime scene cleanup company.

Consumer Fraud

Visit this crime scene cleanup web page for more information about this crime scene cleanup business. Those in the know have already visited Orange County consumer fraud web pages. Here readers learn about local government corruption. They learn how coroner and county administrator employees cause fraud against grieving families.

County employees own some of these biohazard cleanup companies. Some employees receive payment for sending families to biohazard cleanup companies.

It all started when congress passed legislation to help protect medical workers. Too many doctors, nurses, nurses aids, and others suffered neddle stick. These needles passed on bloodborne pathogens known as Human Immune Deficiency (HIV which leads to Accquired Immune Deficiency Sydrone. Others working with or near blood soiled materials were also included in this legislation.

Biohazard cleanup for unaccompanied deaths, suicide, and homicides. We use professional biohazard cleanup equipment to return your home or business to its prior clean condition.

Then people called themselves crime scene cleanup companies and began cleaning after death. These companies sometimes were upright and honest. But many others were neither. Some companies went on to bribe civil servants to forward families and businesses to them. In return, many millions of dollars passed hands. In this way the public became victims of crime scene cleanup corruption.

So here cleaners find help for crime scene cleanup broker information. This means to say that some broker lead families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Some do so intentionally; others do so unintentionally. Actually, there's no way to know where a family may land when sent by a crime scene cleanup broker.

We could recommend using local Yellow Pages or local Internet searches for blood cleanup help. Then we would find the same issues as noted above. It's hard to say who to trust. Usually, almost always, the bigger the company the less to trust. Small companies may do the same. If a company has a government connection what's so ever, they cannot be trusted.

Never trust a government employee's referral to a private company, anyway.

Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup Brokers

Often a broker works as an independent business person. Some people do create a company of brokees. Brokers usually arrange a sale and buy exchange between buyers and sellers. This occurs in those commodities entailing large exchanges of goods, services, and money. In Los Angeles County, coroner's employees work as brokers, brokering for death cleanup work. In exchange they receive a 10 percent finders fee.

Brokers receive a percentage of the selling price. If an object sells for $100,000, then a broker might recive $10,000 at 10 percent brokers' fee and so on.

Brokers offer information related to select markets, including death cleanup services. Prices, services, and expected return for fees reflect a broker's knowlege in their field.

We know too well that many brokers play a huge role in the sale of stocks, bonds and other financial services. On Wall Street they represent the worse type of greed and adverace in many cases. In Los Angeles County they belong to a Sheriff-Coroner racket.


Advantages of Brokers Help

Advantages to a broker's help include their experience, established market relations, and the tools of their trade. Now, of course, all of these features may not be of use to those calling for help. In fact, brokers may lead to crony relationships as found in Orange County Fraud searches.

Brokers may help clients receive loans for services. This handy service should be helpful to those buying homes; it should not be helpful to those in need of blood cleanup services.

Blood cleanup carries special duties and responsibilities. We know that deaths from liver-destroying hepatitis C are on the rise among baby boomers. Although we are all at risk, those born between 1945 and 1965 should get a one-time blood test to check if their livers harbor this ticking time bomb. The reason: Two-thirds of people with hepatitis C are in this age group, most unaware that a virus that takes a few decades to do its damage has festered since their younger days.

A sense of urgency ought to propel us to action for blood cleanup. Since last summer (2011), two drugs hit the market last summer that promise to cure many more people than ever was possible. Never mind that blood cleanup costs a lot of money; never mind that the treatment costs a great deal of money. It stands poised to save many thousands of lives.

Brokers also deal with suicide cleanup as well as blood cleanup. Suicide cleanup often involves blood cleanup. Blood cleanup by definition now requires using universal safety steps recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This means bloodborne pathogen training requirements exist for anyone involved with blood during their employment hours. Brokers should know these things before referring a company.

Brokers talk with people known to suffer from homicide, suicide, and unattended death losses in their family. Families may have pictures of friends and family from the 1940s. They look terrific in their military uniforms, prepared to fight the "just war" or perhaps they have returned.Their families passed away or perhaps they were separated. Sometimes neighbors like to talk about a suicide victim's history, at least as far as they remember. There's a lot going on when people call for death cleanup help. All of this fits into a broker's world of work in some way.

Los Angeles City Rubin Salazar Park

Ruben Salazar part was once known as Lincoln Park in the city of Los Angeles, California. The change in name followed Ruben's untimely death at the hands of Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy who either mistakenly or accidentally killed Ruben Salazar by projecting a teargas projectile into a building Salazar said sought for protection. Apparently the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department deputies had lost control of their policing duties and were acting individually without restraint.

Salazar had moved to Texas as a child and later to Los Angeles. As a reporter Salazar worked on the Los Angeles Herald express and then moved to the Los Angeles times. It covered the rebellion in Santa Domingo in 1963 in the Vietnam war in 1965, the year in which I joined out war as a young private for the U.S. Army airborne infantry, when 73rd airborne, first Battalion, A company.

Salazar had joined demonstrators in Los Angeles as they demonstrated the injustice of the war. It took me sometime before concluding that the war was totally a mistake and the scene of a great crime scene perpetrated by the United States of America. It was another reporter by the name of Walter Cronkite and before the Vietnam war on Vietnam that led my family to believe that this terrible war to stop the flow of communism across the globe needed to be stopped and stopped quickly in Vietnam. Vietnam would represent a "falling domino" to communist aggression. Years later when I learned to play with metaphors like "falling domino" I found little humor in this metaphor been placed up against the loss of Ruben Salazar's life.

To this day you can go to my crime scene cleanup book and find my link to Walter Cronkite. On my website he corrects his reporting for the Vietnam war. He admits to and apologizes for being a United States government conduit for propaganda the lead over 50,000 young American soldiers to their deaths and probably several million Vietnamese to their death.


Facts like these would have totally invigorated the crowd as they protested the war and as the sheriff's deputies crashed down upon them for reasons I am not quite sure about to this date, some would later say that the police had "righted".

If you have followed any of my writing, and I do not know why anyone would, you know that I have the something for corner fraud in Los Angeles is one of those areas in which this fraud was on day after day 365 days a year. In any case in 1970 when Salazar died, it is not likely that this fraud occurred or at least in any grand manner as it does today. In those days blood-borne pathogens were not such a great threat to the general Los Angeles population. In those days we did not know about hepatitis C or HIV. In those days Los Angeles crime scene cleanup companies could not make six and seven figures a year just playing victims of homicide and suicide in their homeowners insurance.

Ruben Salazar did not have the standing of Walter Cronkite in 1969, but this the not stop him from covering the Mexican-American barrios streets in Los Angeles. He also wrote for KMEX-TV. He was quick to write about controversial activities in the Los Angeles times column. Unfortunately because of a stupid Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy firing into the unknown, a projectile designed to hinder human breathing in a building, Ruben Salazar died an innocent victim as he performed his trade. On that 29 August 1970 date United States, no the world, lost a valuable war correspondent and a loyal American citizen committed to free speech and journalism. Rest in peace Ruben Salazar.

I currently have a Los Angeles poop cleanup web site and I find the county employees have no wish to take this business away from me.




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