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Murder and murder suicide have a domestic violence root in over half of all murders in the United States. Here I writer about domestic violence in the context of murder and suicide.

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Here I discuss murder little differently then found elsewhere. I should note that in 1999 law enforcement found that 12,658 murder victims were killed by firearms. This is an important subject these days because all the pending legislation for background checks on handgun buyers. Apparently the Brady law did nothing for ensuring that all of those people wanting to buy handguns would need to pass a background check.

So now are looking at these figures again and we find that of murder victim 65% were killed by firearms and of these firearms, almost 79% were victimized by handguns. It turns out that just over half of the deaths occurring by handgun were not felony types.

Handguns were used in just over half of the deaths involving romantic triangles, brawls dude alcohol or drug influence, other arguments, and juvenile gang killings. Nearly 18% corporate traded with firearms were felony types involving rape, robbery, burglary, and drug law violations. So we find that handguns are bought and used for murder by people we would not ordinarily expect to commit murder. But this does not provide data for arguing one way or another for background checks. It simply makes some figures more clear, and that is that homicides occur as often by handgun were felony intent is not an ingredient of the murder.

Note that gang killings among juveniles were mentioned. Los Angeles has had more than its share of gang killings. Below I go into some details about gang killings and how they came into our streets as more than just a nuisance in Los Angeles. More than a nuisance, and a threat to an open society, gang killings have gone down dramatically, but still continue to threaten our freedoms as an open society.

The Los Angeles street gangs have long been associated with the Walden in homicides and other violent crimes. We now see many killings for racial and ethnic minority gang ties. And availability monitoring, sophisticated weapons by Los Angeles gang members is believed to play a major role in gang-related homicides. Drive-by shootings and drug-related deals had led to gang shootings in front of schools the last several years. Again, unfortunately, we have seen a reduction in gang killings since the 1990s. But still the number of violent deadly youth gangs continue to play law enforcement efforts in Los Angeles.

What is a you staying?

To define a youth gang we have to very our understandings over the years. The nature pattern of the gang's activities in their social and antisocial behavior have changed dramatically from one generation to the next.

By the 1970s Walter Miller, an expert on youth gangs, saw that a youth gang operated as a "group of recurrently associating individuals with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in the community, and engaging either in individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior." This is a mouthful for a Los Angeles gang, but covers pretty much what we need to see ourselves as a gang's definition in Los Angeles County, California.

In the last generation we have seen that gangs are composed of juvenile members in many of these members are affiliated with adults in prison gangs. Like other organizations, youth gangs have a hierarchy consisting of a core or elite leadership. They have full-time members. They have peripheral members.

Youth gangs account for a high percentage of violent crimes and drug offenses. From school grounds, whole communities, a small percentage of gang members take responsibility for maintaining a state of siege in our urban schools.

Youth gang murders

Youth gang murders involve gang members as victims, perpetrators, and both. Los Angeles County and Chicago usually take credit for the highest number of gang-related murders.

Gang versus non-gang murders

Gang-related murders most often take place in a public setting. In this straight among strangers, multiple participants, automobiles, a fear of reprisal, and use of firearms all play some role in gang-related murders. Murdering gang members tend to be the younger, mail, and racial and ethnic minorities than non-gang members involved in murders. Most often African-Americans and Hispanic offenders and victims play some role in gang-related murders. In W Klein study of street gangs in Los Angeles show that 92% of Los Angeles gang homicides involved African-American offenders and victims or Hispanic offenders and victims. Territorial issues, drug trafficking, and firearms possession have also given rise to gang murders in Los Angeles.

I have done one gang killing crime scene cleanup in the last three years. This was in Los Angeles. This took place during the day.

We do know about Los Angeles gangs that they recruit young boys who own a firearm. We do know that gang members are twice as likely as non-gang members to own a gun for protection. We also know that they are more likely to carry the gun outside the home. From this weekend wonder if were living in a third world nation. Are we actually growing into a social model like that found in Syria or Pakistan or Afghanistan?

Youth gangs, guns, and murder youth gangs, guns, and homicides have a strong relationship. Increases in the deadly use of guns by young gang members we attribute to a greater accessibility and use a more sophisticated firearms. The proliferation of guns and ownership by rival gang members has led to greater use of these guns for murder. Keep in mind that before the 1960s visit guns, knives, chains, and brass knuckles were the assorted gang members weapons of choice. Rarely did gang members carry guns.

The use of guns by gang members shows competition among youth gangs for controlling power over territory. Also intimidating peers and rival gang members plays a part in gun ownership.

Like organized criminals in the past, drive-by shootings became associated with street gangs. Inner-city kids with strong gang affiliations take part in drive-by shooting murders. We should know that drive-bys murders are really a secondary reason for raising fear and intimidating rival gangs. Los Angeles has been the nation's leading source of drive-by shooting murders, which we might expect from this automobile influenced society.

Los Angeles gangs and drug related murder

Some evidence for drug-related murders appears for gang-related activities and murder. Street gangs became increasingly influenced by drug trades and most recently have followed instructions from prison gangs for drug trafficking and local areas. The drug cartels have influenced local gang violence, migration, and firearm possession. Homicide violence tied to crack cocaine in the United States grew as gang involvement grew in the production and sale of this terrible drug. Some researchers have noted that the drug trade has not actually influence murder among youth gangs as much as some would believe. This just goes to show there's much to be learned from research into murder among gangs.


The dynamics of Los Angeles gangs. In a big city like Los Angeles the gangs are big problem. Big cities report the greatest problems from gangs. Suburban areas report the second most problems with gangs. Cities with over 25,000 population and reported youth gangs. Los Angeles has the most gang members in the United States with over 58,000.

Race, ethnicity, and gang membership as we would expect from our own observations, racial and ethical minorities show an overrepresentation among Los Angeles gang members. It is interesting that Asian gang members represent a very small number of overall gang membership. However, Asian gang members more readily travel throughout the nation and take part in high-stakes criminal activity. A

Age and membership in youth gangs

Most gang members in Los Angeles age from 10 to about 24. But this does not account for the many thousands imprisoned in state prisons.

From researchers we learn that most murder occurs among gang members from lower-class or urban youth gangs. It seems that the lumpen proletariat is overrepresented as gang member and hitman.

Number: has argued that his reaction-formation theory shows what is going on with the poor gang members. Like everyone else in our society they are exposed to middle class values as the more admired values. These values include success, ambition, and talent, which the board kids are short on. In fact in school they do poorly and cannot meet middle-class standards. Hence they follow the gang outlet to obtain some sort of social recognition. There is, according to:, "status frustration" or "reaction-formation against a middle-class organized state's dilemma in which the lower-class boy suffer status frustrations in competition with mental status boys." So groups of boys in similar situations band together and you went out gangs were delinquent subculture.

Opportunity theory

The opportunity theory suggests that a gamma a gang members access to legitimate and illegitimate means influences their participation in the social structure. Youth gang members experience discrepancies between aspirations a legitimate chances of achievement and these discrepancies grow as they descend in the class structure. Someone wonder is it any wonder that some kids take to the streets and criminality when frustrated by what we might call differential Association. We should note 3 types of legitimate or illegitimate means for success: criminal gangs, conflict gangs, and retreat is gangs. The first, criminal gangs, developed a criminal skills and values acquired from adults who are already organized criminals. Motivated by power, material gain, and prestige, criminal gangs sometimes gather the wherewithal to make sure the capital interests and move forward to higher forms of crime, criminality, and murder.

Conflict gangs arise from both legitimate and illegitimate goals which are blocked. In these gangs young boys achieve their status, their prestige, and reputation for being tough. Fighting, violence, and enter gang conflicts bring tells of overall weight deeds to be shared among peers trends and family.

We dream is gangs remind us of drug abuse gangs in Los Angeles arising in the 1970s. These gangs formed as young boys were denied or rejected legitimate means for success. They became retreat us and use substances and took part and secondary criminal activities to port their habits. They also became quite vicious and showed interest in devil worship and animal abuse.

Lower-class cultural theory

Walter Miller suggested that lower-class use become gang members because of the relationship to lower-class cultural values, not so much middle-class objectives and values. Among their concerns we find trouble, toughness, smartness, excitement, fate, and autonomy.

Was murder cases and long been an object of public attention. No one can say for certain just what it is about a murder that captivates people. When I think of the high and mighty in Los Angeles County and the many people interested in the murder of these ruling elite, I think of how our news media ran by corporations sensationalizing their homicides.

It's hard to imagine the dark side of life when we leave our law enforcement to professional police officers. Also we leave our blood cleanup to professional crime scene cleanup companies like my own.

Los Angeles time is played more than a small role in the bizarre details of rim crimes occurring among the exotic, the rich, and the famous. Across our country people watch our decadence and play close attention to what occurred in the 1920s and 1930s and Los Angeles Counties. But not only Los Angeles captured the public attention when it came to murder. Chicago also captured the public's attention with people like Al Capone.

Although Los Angeles did not have its own out Capone, we did have our own professional hitmen for murder. Los Angeles will not be outdone when it becomes a matter of mass murder or serial murder.

Writers like Raymond Chandler have written about the different strata Los Angeles. He very skillfully created a nor image in his popular murder mysteries.

For real murders occurring in Los Angeles County, we had the Griffin J Griffin incident. Griffin had befriended Los Angeles people by donating 3500 acres of land to the city. This was no small donation because at the time Los Angeles prices are skyrocketing.

Unfortunately though our benefactor had fallen into an alcohol slumber and became delusional. He feared the roaming Catholic church.

He feared that his wife, Christina, and Verdugo family descended, and conspired with the Pope to kill him for his money. He feared that his wife Christina would give his money to the church.

In a drunken rage he killed Christina by shooting her in the eyes. Oral Rogers defended the millionaire with his brilliant defense attorney tactics. He offered an early innocent by virtue of insanity defense. Griffin received two years sentence when he was found guilty. As it turned out he served one year in San Quentin because the good behavior all in all his good behavior. All in all as Los Angeles crime scene cleanup goes, crime scene cleanup did not actually occur in this case in any real way, except for the recovery of Christina's fluids.

We would remember that Los Angeles crime scene cleanup and not come into existence at this time. The Los Angeles coroner's department remained fairly honest because there was no Occupational Safety and Health Administration to impose blood-borne pathogen training on employees. And there were no corners employees to see the value in cleaning up blood for a living. In fact in those days nobody would've paid for most likely.

Today though, with crime scene cleanup work covered in many homeowners insurance policies for tens of thousands of dollars, Los Angeles coroner's employees have invaded the crime scene cleanup market and monopolized it as their own.

Then John and James McNamara made headlines in 1910 because somebody had bombed the Los Angeles times building and killed 20 employees while injuring 17 the brothers McNamara were union activist and they received the blame for the bombing.

The famous attorney known as Clarence Darl came to their defense. Samuel J Gompers who was head of the American Federation of labor came and spoke on their behalf as did socialist candidate for mayor Joe Merriman. They faced overwhelming evidence that it did not look good for them

To save their lives they confessed to the bombing. The older of the two received life, and the youngest received 15 years in prison.

Then there was Roscoe "fatty "Arbuckle whose fame was only outdone by Charlie Chaplin as late as 1921. He was tried for rate in the death of Virginia wrap during a wild, three-day drunken spree in San Francisco's finer hotel.

Juries hung up on two trials in a third jury entered a not guilty verdict. Arbuckle's career was over as a result, but his life saved by studio money.

And finally in Los Angeles we find a chorus girl became suspicious of her husband. Year was 1922 and is no time to have a unfaithful husband. So she bought a claw hammer, forced down a couple of drinks and a speakeasy while her friend Peggy Caffey sat nearby. With the two women sent a Alberta Meadows and friend of the other two. What sufficiently drunk three got up and grabbed a cab for a ride.

The road to the desert in their. To Alberta's score she witnessed Phillips clobber Meadows with a hammer. As a result Phillips became known as the "Tiger woman" because of the horrific damage she had done to her victim.

As we would suspect the perpetrator would accuse Caffey of the murder. But Phillips was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison, which in the minds of most crime scene cleanup practitioners is not much time at all. The cleanup of such a horrific death should be worth a lot of money of done indoors, but in the desert it's not worth much at all. A Los Angeles crime scene cleanup in the county's deserts would cost next to nothing. Simply tossing sand over the blood and gore will do the trick. Nature will do the rest.

As the story goes, Phillips had gained notoriety in the fan club of her own. She was known as the "Tiger woman." Her fans met her at the prison gate when she was finally released after 10 years. Los Angeles County had seen the perpetrator of a first-degree murder go free after only 10 years in prison.

Williams Desmond Taylor died at the hands of a murderer was never captured. What made this murder famous was that it was a classic murder mystery. Shot to death in his upscale Hollywood apartment, his body was found neatly arranged even though violently shot to death.

Suspects included Mabel Norman, a drug addict, and a lady that Taylor had once been engaged to. Then there was the lady known as Mary Miles Minter who was an innocent looking 17-year-old screen actress known for having an affair with the famous film director. The stuff made great headlines in 1922 when newspapers were very cheap and a very profitable industry. Added to the line of possible murderers were Charlotte Shelby known as one of Taylor's conquests in the realm of sexual activity. Then there was a ballet of Taylor's room fit the bill as a possible murderer. And last but not least, was an old army friend from the Canadian Army regiment.

Complicating the case with a possible opera created by Taylor studio. None of this was good for Hollywood publicity in the Arbuckle case and made life a little tougher on everybody in the Hollywood film industry. And now here was a bloody Los Angeles crime scene cleanup that was not damage what little that could be done after the Arbuckle murder.

But as the case turned out nobody can find the murderer. We expect at this late date that the murderer went to their death no longer fearing capture.

Then there was Otto's Sam Luber, and unlikely and bizarre murderer called "Batman.". It turns out that the young Batman had been lovers with a 36-year-old Wildberger ("Dolly") XYZ. In 1907 she moved into autos small attic space directly above the bedroom she shared with her prosperous, solidly middle-class husband. That has been known as Fred and loud Otto to live above his bedroom for some 10 years. Otto would emerge during the days to make love with Dolly and your housework.

Not only did a lover do dollars housework for her, he was available.

Dolly and her husband then moved to Los Angeles were Dolly found a house with an attic. She moved her lover into the attic. She had hoped that life would continue as before as she screwed her lover and he did her housework.


Fearing capture by the police for the murder, Otto was kept in the bedroom for another eight years by Dolly. Annie was discovered, which brought the fear of capture and consequences back to the two lovers.

Now the story takes a couple of twists and turns. At first picked up and prosecuted for murder in Fred, autos murder charge was changed to manslaughter because the statute of limitations had taken effect. Then he was released because Dolly was arrested and charged with conspiracy. A famous Hollywood attorney known as Jerry Geisler defended her. A hung jury then followed and Dolly was released. As fate would have it in 1929, her fortune was lost. She then opened a supermarket in Beverly Hills and live day withdrawn life in apartment over the store. We don't know of autos picture.

Jean Harlow bridegroom committed suicide their marriage was only two months old when Burns perfumed body was found nude in front of his bedroom mirror. He left a suicide note in a gun beside him. This so-called suicide and elements of a murder that cannot be harnessed to a horse. Because the Butler did not call the police upon finding the body of Mr. Burns, but called to studio moguls instead. Two hours elapse before a call to the authorities was made. During this time the Hollywood moguls and have their time in the home with the cadaver. Stories were that a dark-haired woman had been seen on the property the night before. Loose tongues were speculating about Burns dad being a homicide. After all he had been married to Jean Harlow. The studio had good reason to cover up this suicide because of more likely was a homicide in Hollywood was no shape for another bad public relations display. Hollywood decadence and brought down some real heat from the Victorian era, Los Angeles moviegoers.

A Los Angeles crime scene cleanup practitioner will do a little investigating of his own given time and energy. Sometimes it's interesting to see what detectives may have found thereabouts. A homicide detective advocates for victims and the surviving family. We hope that in Los Angeles County that Los Angeles County Sheriff's detectives are on the up and up and do not refer families of victims to crime scene cleanup companies. Real homicide detective never forget victims or their families.

They remember the cold case investigation and think back to them with beginning new investigations. They put old ideas to the task of helping unravel clues.

Just like every decent Los Angeles crime scene cleaner, using past experience to help clean murder scenes as part of the business of learning.

Supposing that you been tasked with replacing part of a slate floor that was damaged during the homicide. How would you go about doing so?


Knowing something about floors should be in every Los Angeles crime scene cleaners basic crime scene cleanup school curriculum. When we find a floor made of wood we should suspect that it is a suspended floor. And we should just fact that a floor resting on the earth is made of concrete slabs. Often enough during crime scene cleanup we will find blood and other potentially infectious materials on either type of floor with its own cleaning procedures.

Floors are used to transfer both live and dead loads to the foundation. Footings and the soil below the house become him for the life of the house. A floor provides lateral support for foundation walls. Basements will have concrete floors providing lateral support for the foundation wall and first floor of a wood frame. Keep in mind that before you begin cutting up a floor, it supports both a vertical and horizontal load. This is important to remember because many people think of a Florida supporting only vertical load. You could undercut horizontal load for a floor if not careful.

Wars are usually overbuilt and will handling heavy load. They are built for maximum bending and is the bending that allows them to maintain heavy loads unless there is a catastrophic failure. Of course, heavy decompositions on a floor could render it useless because it rot, insects, or what comes to be known as careless carpentry work replacing a putrefied floor.

Remember, unless you are a contractor and license to replace floors, you have
no business replacing a floor. Likewise you may have no business taking out a floor. Whatever the case, always ensure that wood and concrete do not come in contact any time below grade. Some contractors use sale gaskets or polyurethane separators if contact is to be made. If what is pressure-treated then we have another subject. Wood may avoid moisture and concrete being whipped into the wide by using sealers and well pressure-treated wood.

It's also important to ensure that at least half an inch of the top and ends up with beams of wood beams away from concrete formations. This helps to ensure that air will circulate helping to keep the wood dry. Anytime you find wood embedded it must be replaced by pressure-treated wood or heavily saturated with the wood preservative to prevent rot.

Here's another word on wood preservatives. When preservatives are hazardous material. Use of these materials must be done cautiously and with patients. With that said, it's important to keep in mind that wood preservative will often cause a wood floor to end its release of death and blood odors almost instantly. The chemical inside a wood preservative are so harsh that they destroy bacteria upon contact. But now that you have a wood preservative down on a wood floor but we do?

And what preservative may do the trick for killing off an order on a floor, but now you must remove the what preservative because of its owner. You can scrub and rinse it just like any other gluten on a floor. And then you can sell it with his injured Ben. Or you can always send it off. But if sending off a wood preservative you need to wear a mask and ensure that all would does is recovered. And then you conceal the floor.

Private one-on-one interviews with women ask specific questions about violence that included slaps, cakes, use of weapons and rate over their lifetime are considered gold standard questions as of the methods of a survey. The survey sought to find the extent of violence against women worldwide. The results are staggering.

The study shows is that there's a global variation and that differences in design a methodological quality show reactions or social and cultural differences.

The highest rates of partner violence, are estimated somewhere between 54% and 78%. In the sub-Saharan Africa area, high income regions in Asia, North America and Western Europe researchers found about 15% positive for violence against women.

Researchers seek a global decline in violence against women. We must have correct methods for this research to find that violence against women has gone down.

Murder suicide which occurs most often when it male perpetrator for skills a woman in her home and then kills himself seems to be a rather common theme in severe situations.





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