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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

World War I and September 11, 2015 -

October 1, 2015

Climate Change Facts and Opinion

Biohazard cleanup comes into play in might terms and consequences for humanity and nature in general because of global warming.

I take these ideas from Scientific American (cut and paste these addresses, urls), http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/climate-change-facts-versus-opinions/ and https://news.search.yahoo.com/search?p=scientific+american+global+warming+facts&fr=yfp-t-478 and http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/presentations/Kenya%20Tanzania%20outreach%20event.pdf

I use my own terms to avoid duplicate content, plagiarism. I place my own "spin" on these ideas in the context of biohazard cleanup; not just crime scene cleanup in general, but crime scene cleanup in the context of personal, social, geo-political, and environmental biohazard cleanup. My most current and to remain my most prominent subject for global biohazard cleanup was and is climate deception.

For anyone ne to this discussion on global warming, Scientific American started covering this story in the 1970s, which is where I became fully aware of it. By "fully," I mean tuned into the subject most directly. Since the mid-1960's I've had an awareness of fossil fuel's threat to our planet. Not from a scientific outcome from research, but plan old common sense did I come to the conclusion that you can't burn the number of fires that we're burning on Earth without consequences.

FACT: Criticism of scientific climate change research arises from both capitalist oriented and anti-socialist ideologies. Example: "Grow or die."

FACT: Left-wing activists have used climate change as reason enough to pursue a socialist agenda.

FACT: Fossil-fuels energized the industrial revolution. Labor's power increased geometrically as a result; extreme poverty diminished in industrial societies.

FACT: Human caused global warming proved: Source: NASA, http://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/

See Real Climate for more on these fact matters: http://www.realclimate.org/


OPINION: Civilization may end as we know it without big changes quickly.

OPINION: More wars, more doughty, and social conflicts will follow from climate change.

OPINION: Extreme weather events occur because of global warming.

OPINION: Nuclear power will curtail global warming while saving our standard of living.

OPINION: Reduction of coal's used by fracking for natural gas benefits the environment.

October 4, 2015

Today's crime scene cleanup practitioners gain wide experience in a short period of time. Thanks to their sheriff-coroner benefactors acting as intermediaters between famillies and crime scene cleanup companies, the same crime scene cleanup companies garner the bulk of blood cleanup work.

So todays crime scene cleanup practitioners begin to think that they've "seen it all" after a few year. It's hard to imagine the horrific events they find in the aftermath of human agression at its worse. But there's much more to consider.

Consider the United State's position in the Middle Eastern countries. These countries, conjured into existence at the end of the Ottoman empire, now stand to unravel, violently. Blood flows as oil flows, in streams.

World War I and September 11, 2001

World War I

World War I engulfed the world scene almost overnight. Like an enormous jungle spider spinning its web, from one tree's branches to neighboring tree branch's, it grew. The war's powerful momentum pulled nation after nation into its web-of-death. Unlike spiders, the war's appetite grew as it gorged itself; the more it consumed, the more it grew to consume. We would call the consuming powers "capitalist" powers, although capitalism in this context misses the mark. Russia's capitalist enterprises remained embryonic compared to Britian, France, and the United State's capitalist accumulation and growth.

Capitalism would propell the modern era deeper and deeper into cultural systems as it would propel tractors into old growth forests. Both culturally and environmentally the consequences of the capitalist push to accumulate more unto itself grew. At times it turned cancerous. That it did in the Middle East.

Aloof in its haven of isolation from the rising turmoil's in the Middle East and the European Continent, the United States remained at rest, a rising power. Ruling elites in the Middle East perceived the United States as relatively benign. The United States projected educational and philanthropic services, no "imperial ambitions" were detected. Middle East's ruling elites found the fortunes and xyz of the modern world offered by their relationships with the Americans; not all Middle East populations favored their region's growing relations, changes,  fostered US relations.
September 11, 2001 ignited unforeseen consequences similar to those created by the assassination of Hungry's King Ferdnan. An obscure anarchist's hatred for the Hungarian ruling class found its target in the symbol of all things powerful, dominating.
The US created a self-induced assassination of the little remaining good-will toward it in the Middle East. Our response to September 11, 2001 ignited a monumental crime scene cleanup much like that of World War I. The difference, in 1914 the U.S. remained a neutral power with no evidence of empire. On September 11, 2001, not only had the US become the leading world military and economic power, its empire encircled the globe in a web-like network. Now the world colossus in the political, economic, and cultural life of the Middle East, the US mainland and empire symbolized a target for those offended by modernism's perceived offenses against Islam."

October 15, 2015

Don't date or marry an abusive person.

Outcome Control


Homicide cleanup sometimes leaves clues about the history of an abusive relationship. For instance, a homicide cleanup once lead me to piece together that the mother of two young girls suffered at the hands of an abusive husband. Crime scene cleanup work leads to connecting the dots after years of trying to figure out the clues indicated by family pictures, entertainment, and other artifacts of the perpetrator and victim's culture.

Why abusive behavior? Failure to control outcomes may lead to abusive behavior.

The failure to control outcomes finds others as the cause and then target of externalized frustration and rage. "Every time you do that you make me mad!" means frustrated actors punish others to displace their own failure to control outcomes. In short, frustration experienced through negative outcomes becomes externalized rage as abusive behavior.

Imagine the desperation experienced by toddlers as they fail to please their parents, their care-givers. A generalized feeling of dread envelopes their attitude toward new experiences and ideas. Parents with poor parenting skills soon destroy the toddler's quest for self-actualization, learning to learn, and an assertive, non-aggressive place in the world.

In the United States schools routinely promote "failing" students. As a consequence failing behavior becomes a rewarding behavior in an ironic twist. Failing behavior becomes a means of controlling outcomes. "Why try?" becomes an attitude toward learning new behavior and ideas because there's no risk of frustration and chastisement.

Looking back to hunting-and-gathering societies, life may have had more external dangers and little material wealth, but controlling an individual's outcomes for thought and practice remained within the reach of most actors. Simple technology and simple customs allowed most actors to control the outcomes of their thoughts and practice. Most people would find plenty to reward their efforts without frustration. Rage and frustration existed, and we must imagine some sense of control over outcomes existed. Where such control failed, sympathetic magic would arise in response to perceived powerlessness.

Time and conditions change. In hunting-and-gathering societies outcome control remained in reach, but behaviors similar to today's stealing, lying, cheating, and abusive behavior existed. At the forefront of their emergence, these conscious behaviors probably began through deception. Women and children learned to hide surplus food from dominant males, deceiving their patriarchal leadership for simple survival. If the reader prefers, Adam and Eve deceived one another and begot Cain, the masterful agrarian deceiver of his parents and herding brother, the first homicide victim.

Lies, counter lies, deception, and homicide remain part of the human condition. Rage and abusive control, as in the beginning, remain part of the human condition. Where outcome control fails early in life, early frustration and rage become filtration mechanisms, selectively filtering socialization for no good. A barrier to ridding society of barbarism grows with abused toddlers and others.






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