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"I'm the only person actively pursuing this government cronyism and greed." "I once owned 2,000 web sites for advertising. to no avail." Eddie Evans


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My Training and Education (Education Experience) - Why I clean crime scenes. 


California County Employees cannot be trusted to refer victims' families to blood cleanup companies. They receive a kickback, money, for families that they send to a crime scene cleanup company. We call this relationship between County employees and private companies "cronyism."


This San Diego County employee represents a tiny fraction of county employees -- very tiny fraction. This behavior takes place across the United States and most probably most counties.




Because they receive one of the most positive reinforcements available, tax free, easy money. It's a windfall, income from their county employment contacts to victims families. By simply directing victims families to crime scene cleanup companies for a share of the cleaning profits, county employees grow wealthy.


When my telephone start ringing for biohazard cleanup in San Diego County routinely, then I'll know I'm wrong. Or, something in the San Diego County coroner (medical examiner) department changed.


Find me a large enough county that's honest and I'll move there to serve its families in need of professional cleaning.


I do not like the word "all,"but that is what it looks like from where I sit. I cleaned in 24 states across the country chasing work and helping families take remove their death scene. I have been in contact with many crime scene cleanup companies and I watched them go out of business because of crony relationships between government employees and corrupt crime scene cleanup companies.


I ran an Internet biohazard cleanup broker business in my home. I took telephone calls 24/7and referred these callers to companies on my nationwide referral list. By 2005 this business had ended because companies on my referral list went out of business. They experienced cronyism as I did.


The only difference between my company and their companies, I was willing to drive extraordinary lengths to stay in business and fight county government employees cronyism. It has cost me thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to do so.


Although this may seem like pathological behavior on my part, consider that no one advocates for homicide and suicide victims' families cheated by our government employees. Once victimized, now victimized again by a San Diego County employee, families lose again. It's likewise with families experiencing an unattended death and decomposition of a loved one.



I'm the only person actively pursuing this government cronyism and greed. This effort hardly measures up to my one year in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Infantry. There it was communism, here, it's government cronyism, corruption of the worse sort -- feeding on families related to homicide and suicide victims; not only just cheating these families, they do it when they are at their most emotionally vulnerable. (return)





I am down to about 700 web sites and should be down to about 300 to 400 in two years or so. Within five years I won't rank very well on the Internet for biohazard cleanup.

Because of my crime scene cleanup broker business I owned over 2000 web sites; excuse the redundancy. They covered most of the United States with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. I learned early on that Mississippi, South Dakota, North Dakota, and a couple other states I do not currently remember were closed to free enterprise in crime scene cleanup. The northwest remained silent to Internet marketing. (return)


I learned this because I did not receive calls from these states even though I ranked very well on the Internet. In those days we did not have pay per click as we do today. I'm an organic web site maker and write content. I understand what it takes to rank well.


Keep in mind that in the early days, having one of the first three web sites on a Yahoo! page meant receiving phone calls. Still, number one was number one; nothing replaces number one. I was number one in California because I had 2000 web sites without too much trouble. Their power was in their ability to leverage each one for the benefit of others. I will not waste your time by talking further about web site optimization at this point because it grows more obsolete as pay-per-click replaces the viability of oranic blood cleanup web sites for marketing.


Besides, my biohazard cleanup sites do nothing for my crime scene cleanup business at this point. even if I do use pay-per-click. With coroners employs or medical examiner employees in control of crime scene cleanup, I do not have a chance.


I remain in business only because I have my web sites for other businesses.





I have 14 years traumatic loss blood cleanup experience. During this time I owned my own business and did my own crime scene cleanup work -- biohazard cleanup. I have cleaned in 24 states, most of which I visited before 2006. In those days coroner (medical examiners) offices had not climbed aboard the crime scene cleanup monopoly over blood cleanup. Orange County, California destroyed free enterprise in biohazard cleanup well before 2005.


With my wide experience I cleaned in desert environments without benefit of electricity or running water in 115 degree heat. I've cleaned in freezing weather more than once. In one day I cleaned 1 homicide, flew to another state, and cleaned 2 unattended deaths. Thanks to airlines and rental trucks my work in other states lead to a monumental amount of experience in blood cleanup. The sanitary sewer system also proved its worth.


Education Experience


Form the language arts classroom after 10 years teaching in California, I retired and went into business as a professional cleaner. It happened that my skills with computers and word processors, which I used to write lessons in Los Angeles schools, became handy for Internet marketing. Then my experience on the Internet biohazard cleanup work lead to exposing nationwide county government cronyism in biohazard cleanup. (return)


Training and Education


  • carpet cleaning - California schools
  • crime scene cleanup - Missouri
  • floor inspection - California schools
  • house inspection - California schools
  • natural stone polishing and restoration Pennsylvania school
  • upholstery cleaning - California schools
  • water damage, restoration, structural dry out - Washington


My California crime scene cleanup school web site began in ernest. Then I realized the degree of fraud in county governments. The use of crony companies for self-enrichment by county coroner employees ended my school. My California crime scene cleanup certification site offers similar information.







I earned my AA BA, and MS, and 5 teaching credentials during these years.



All of that is gone now along with the economy that helped so many people live an honest middle-class lifestyle with working-class education. Today we continue to see some people buy into the housing market and do very well as a result. Meanwhile upscale buildings go up throughout California and sometimes we see them built on earthquake faults.


I believe this is a sign of hubris. The idea that we can build on a earthquake fault and not suffer the consequences later on. California is known to have earthquakes and we're known to have one on the way that is going to knock down a lot of stuff.


Both San Francisco and Tokyo share the same fate as they both sit on top of a hugh fault line.


Elsewhere on this web site I write about the criminality of wasting water in California. Here I talk about the criminality of building on top of Earth quake faults. It seems incomprehensible that contractors and planners still place their fragile buildings on top of earthquake faults. Yes, these buildings have the latest technological improvements in the best materials available.


But in the real world, "nature bats last."

Someone must find a way of building around well known earthquake faults. It is bad enough that we built on earthquake faults unknowingly. And then to build on earthquake faults and have a building newly built signed off by a public official means that something's wrong in government. Or it could be another matter of government cronyism mixed in with the corporate construction industry. I like to find out following the next earthquake that kills so many people.












February 1942, following the shelling at Santa Barbara and the phony air invasion of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times slammed the Japanese population as untrustworthy. Seeking proactive crime scene cleanup, it called for removing the Japanese from the coast. Then between February 2 to March 2, 1942, the House Committee on Defense Migration, chaired by Congressman John Tolan of Alameda County, lead a community hearing on the issue; A liberal, he and Carey McWilliams wrought to counter the movement to evacuate, imprison, the California Japanese in prison camps. It turned out that meetings in San Francisco and Los Angeles lead to imprisonment. Earl Warran, our California attorney general worked for imprisonment all American Japanese. This lead to our nation's second-most disgraceful crime scene cleanup attempt only after slavery; the crime scene cleanup occurred only when the Japanese were liberated from prison.


Then California found its stride as veterans returned from the war seeking jobs, families, and homes. As a result, following After V-J Day (August 14, 1945) and November 1946, California counties soon began to into mass produced suburbs.


Various veterans’ loan programs, federal and state, took care of the financing; and an entire generation of new Californians, now enjoyed the mix of government loan programs guaranteeing veterans loans for private sector home builders.


To regress, we would be mistaken, incidentally, to see cronyism in these relationships. If a quid pro quo did exist between state and federal employees and private sector builders, I cannot report reliably on such cronyism. I report only on crime scene cleanup cronyism between county coroner and public guardian employees and crime scene cleanup companies.


Government and private sector cooperation lead to a housing boom extending from San Diego County to Humboldt County. In this way California grew, in part, to become a robust state with a world-class economy. Without loans the returning veterans from the second world war crime scene cleanup would have found little to improve their lost years of civilian income and civil society.





Calaveras; While still suffering growth pains as a state,the Calaveras district displayed the worse type of crime scene cleanup. About 200 vigilantes witnessed by Edward Buffum strung up two Frenchmen and one Chilean. Charged with robbery and murder without due process, we learn that none of the three understood a word of English.

Colusa Costa's mountains slowed the progress of vehicle traffic until the Caldecott Tunnel broke through to open Northern California to greater commerce. With its relative isolation along with Del Norte El Dorado;



Inyo; Kern;


In the 1850s, the Clear Lake massacre of Indians foreshadowed the Japanese imprisonment mentality at the start of WWII. The homicidal racism against the Native American population reminds us of the slave and "other" mentality of our European immigrants in the 18th century. Miners in Northern California as well as the military behaved genocidally against the Indians. The "Modoc War" as it came to be known cost the US Army General his life as Chief Kientepoos lead 53 warriors armed with rifles against 1,000 US Army troops. Our native population would never, could never rebound with its culture and languages intact, a clear sign of perpetrated genocide, along with invading biohazardous pathogens.him

Lassen; volcano remained active up to 1921 as records show. This will remind Madera

Marin; Mariposa;












San Benito;

San Bernardino;

San Diego;

San Joaquin;

San Luis Obispo's;, coastal mountains bifurcate into two ranges: the Transverse Ranges, veering in a southeasterly direction into southern Kern County in the interior, and the Peninsula Ranges, continuing southward down the coast;

San Mateo;

Santa Barbara;

Santa Clara;

Santa Cruz;








San Diego;




Ventura; Yolo; Wheatland in southern Yuba County experienced terrible labor riots following poor working conditions in 1913, which later reminded official that returning veterans needed decent jobs and decent homes.