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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

I'm the only person actively pursuing this San Diego Countycounty government cronyism and greed." Find me a large enough county that's honest and I'll move there to serve its families need for their crime scene cleanup needs. Let the free market do it. Eddie Evans


No lies and no county employee manipulation.




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The San Diego County crime scene gives us a drug war enhanced by San Diego County's share border with the country of Mexico. Mexico supplies many drugs to the state of California and many of these drugs make their way in the California through San Diego County. With these drugs comes infectious drug use and crime scene cleaners must remain aware of the infectious situations.

Like all other counties in California, San Diego County shares infectious spores like C. botulinum. C. botulinum remains ubiquitous in nature. This means that it may appear in dirty wounds or even in the intestines. Most commonly we contract the botulinum from food. I once suffered from diarrhea for four days after eating a salad from Carl's Jr. burger located in Newport Beach, California. For four days I laid on my living room floor suffering. On the fourth day I weekly made my way toward my wife's truck, and promptly fell on the driveway in front of my home. From here I made it to the hospital and in the hospital my life was saved. No doubt about it diarrhea will kill us if we do not rehydrate and take care of ourselves. I came close to ending it that day and I take my wife for saving my life, in part.

The point is that this all takes place as a consequence of diarrhea from the botulism's infection of my intestines. Innocently enough I grabbed a "quick bite." Nearly killed me. My crime scene cleanup career would have ended on my living room floor if I had not gotten up with an idea to make my way to the hospital. It is the nature of crime scene cleanup that a crime scene cleanup company owner must be prepared to eat out while on the road. Eating out while on the road is dangerous and steps must be taken to avoid see botulism contraction.

So what is all this have to do with San Diego County's war on drugs? The fact is that black tar heroin injection among drug users accounts for much of the growing botulism rate in California. The toxin is so potent that even lethal dose is too small to trigger our defensive system to produce and and I do not. Immunity does not follow poisoning. I am talking about see botulism here, not black tar heroin. So here we find the drug war bringing see botulism to the general population through contaminated drug abusers. But for the drug war these drug abusers would be out in the open and using more hygienic methods throughout their lives.

Untreated botulism can show a 65% fatality rate, and I am here to swear to this fact. Attended medical care brings down this rate, but we should all understand that no licensed vaccine is currently available for public use to halt the spread of C. botulinum

C. botulinum spores require heating to 250° and only in a pressure cooker can we create this type of temperature in our own kitchens. Otherwise there is no guarantee of their destruction.

San Diego County health officials know that C. botulinum toxin receives a "category a" listing our most dangerous, biohazardous agent. For this reason about 8000 military personnel during the Gulf War received botulinum toxin vaccine protect them against biological warfare with this terrible bacteria. Nothing will destroy an army like diarrhea, and Napoleon, Hitler, and even Eisenhower Welsh where to this fact.

San Diego County offers the best Mexican food in the world most probably. Yes the "best." It is probably best because it is San Diego County's food and not Mexico's food. San Diego Mexican restaurants must go that extra step to hold up the tradition of Mexican food. Crime scene cleanup practitioners throughout San Diego County know the importance of consuming a good Mexican dinner before going to work on an advanced, decomposing crime scene cleanup job. I know for a fact that I must enrich my blood sugar to get through a large homicide or suicide cleanup job.

For this reason we should be aware of C. perfringens and its ability to make its way into cook beef and poultry. Just like C. botulinum, C. perfringens remains ubiquitous in nature. As a result it is or survive an initial high temperatures when cooked. It spores germinate as food cools and multiply if not properly refrigerated. If you have ever been in a military kitchen you know what I am talking about. More than one military cook is gone the jailer military prison for failing to uphold the highest hygiene standards when performing their kitchen hygiene tasks.

Food must receive proper refrigeration and must be kept away from live bacteria that may end up being eaten by human beings. For this reason military freezers require that freezer shelves keep a minimum of 2 inches between the bottom shelf in the freezer floor. Each shift in a kitchens daily routine as the duty of sweeping and mopping out the kitchen freezer and then applying a water and bleach solution to the floor. The bleach helps to destroy C. perfringens. We find that in many San Diego County restaurants that food receives a thorough reheating because of the light of bacteria that populate and repopulate while it sets on stoves and refrigerators overnight.

Cramps and diarrhea may appear from 8 to 16 hours after consuming too high a quantity of C. perfringens. I say "too high a quantity" because the number or account of C. perfringens, just like C. botulinum, gives rise to intolerance levels by different individuals. For example, with C. botulinum, children under eight months of age account for 65% of cases each year in the United States arising from C. botulinum inhalation of infected dust each year.

San Diego even has to remain aware of cholera bacilli. A worldwide epidemic in 1881 led to the fifth pandemic for the emergence of cholera bacilli migration across the globe. German and French scientists rushed to Egypt in 1881 and made discovery of the pathogen known. As science would have it though, the French team misunderstood the nature of cholera bacilli infection.

Some of the French team took swims in the sea and must have gold some of the water. The French would find an answer to their problem through the German biologist known as Robert Koch. He identified Viebrio cholerae as the cause of the French suffering as well is the outbreak of the worldwide epidemic from the cholera bacilli.

As recent as 1961, we learn that El Tor vibrio as the ability to travel the oceans analogy. Found in several coastal cities of Peru, it was learned that a Chinese ship with contaminated bilge water unloaded its deadly cargo just off the coast off this beautiful South American nations beaches. As a result cholera reached epidemic proportions in South American 1991. San Diego County stood at risk from this caller epidemic but for the 20th century medical science in hand.

Later this disease appeared in Central America and Mexico which caused great concerns throughout San Diego County and the rest of California. Over 900,000 people were infected by the disease and 8000 of these people died terrible deaths. We must assume that many of these deaths occurred among the elderly and the young like toddlers and infants. California would go on to suffer 139 infections from just one person who had visited India where this disease remained potent.

Crime scene cleanup technicians would do well to take these matters at heart. Bacteria have an ability to jump continents as well is to jump from a mattress to a rubber glove and then to one's mouth.




True life crime scene cleanup adventure story




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