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Suicide Cleanup Email

Suicide cleanup email helps suicide victims' families focus on what suicide cleaning needs to get done before they move forward. It also helps me get a handle on the nature of the suicide's damage to family quarters. Suicide cleanup email can help in other ways too.

In business, suicide cleanup email helps to establish an agreed upon price for cleaning. Both I and the family have the same page and agreement before us. We know when suicide cleanup begins, where, how, what, cost, and other matters. In essence, we have an agreed upon sequence of events and a contract.

I'm a little cut up from yesterday so I'm taking today off. The job is 3 quarters done, but for the toilet and some more wall cleaning. The floor needs more cleaning too, but the blood and other matter is gone as is the toilet.
The sink has been cleared out; I placed the dishes in a black plastic bag, placed in bath tub, added soap, water, and bleach where I'll leave it, minus the solution. The kitchen sink qualified as infectious.
Tomorrow morning I'll install the new toilet and finish the walls and floor.
BIG NEWS: I moved your computer from the desk top to your dresser top drawer.
eddie evans
In a message dated 8/7/2013 3:12:29 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Thank you for writing.
I can help. I can do as you wish, but I must charge $75, which includes a new toilet.
I will begin by removing the toilet and then fogging the bathroom and the rest of the apartment. I fog with a light sanitizing solution.
For my suicide cleanu work I will clean the walls and ceiling for the entire apartment during suicide cleanup. I will remove carpet and carpet padding that was soiled by blood puddles or otherwise heavy blood contamination. Blood and other potentially infectious materials will be removed as will soiled materials, unless you specify otherwise.
I have some paperwork at your eyes only, but one or two of these documents are out of date, but the license, insurance, and bond are current.
I guarantee my work and price.
I will see you in the morning between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m.; I hope to complete this work tomorrow, but I may need an additional day depending on what I find.
Thank you,
Eddie Evans
Crime Scene Cleanup 
In a message dated 8/7/2013 2:36:07 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Mr. Evans,

My name is Bill A Bresler. I need your
services at my studio at 719 N Suicide Cleanup Dr. , Los Angeles, CA 90229. I would like the floor and walls cleaned and sanitized as well as the removal of a soiled mattress and box spring and bedding. Also, the toilet bowl is cracked 
in half and needs to be replaced or at least removed. I am currently at Belmont Adventist Hospital at 0915 Delson, Los Angeles CA 91277 and can be reached at 818-443-8063(nursing station). I am hoping it is possible for someone from your crew to come by and get the keys to the apt as the rental agency is in South Central L.A. You can take payment from my Visa debit card: 622 7715 1229 2229 expiration date 2/16. Billing address: 1137 Samson St. Glendale,
CA 90333. My studio is small: <500 square feet. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience so that we can make this happen ASAP.



 We need that you removed the whole carpet and disposed and decontaminate the room remove the spores in the air plus the mattress , box springs , bed frame , clean and seal the floor .and we need your license number.Address 4711 Stewart Ave. Baldwin Park, Ca , 91706
 Thank you
Call me if you have any questions 

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Sent: Sat, Aug 17, 2013 5:45 am
Subject: Re: Bedroom clean up

If I can start at 8:00 am or sooner, yes, I can help; however, I suicide cleanup, which means areas soiled by blood. So I do not intend to clean the entire bedroom, unless it was trauma by a high caliber weapon or shotgun.
I intend to destroy the mattress and decontaminate the remaining material. I will remove the mattress, box springs, bed frame, and carpet below the bed.  The floor below will be cleaned, decontaminated, and sealed.
I hope this meets with your expectations;
It's $100 less for cash; so with cash your price is not to exceed $750 for this suicide cleanup work.
Thank you,
eddie evans
In a message dated 8/16/2013 10:34:21 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Mr Eddie Evans
This is the confirmation of our agreement done by phone between  Mr Evans and me, Kelp.
You you will do asuicide cleanup for the Bedroom. Your suicide cleanup cost is the amount of $4,750.00 as quoted by you , and payment can be done by check or cash as you prefer .Hope you can do this next Monday 8-19-12 for suicide cleanup work.
You can contact me at 633-421-8103 .
Thank you

Kelp Green

In a message dated 8/17/201 9:03:59 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
We need that you removed the whole carpet and disposed and decontaminate the room remove the spores in the air plus the mattress , box springs , bed frame , clean and seal the floor .and we need your license number.Address 3311 Shamble Ave. Hollywood , Ca 92226
 Thank you
Call me if you have any questions 


I will remove the bedroom carpet, but if there is heavy clutter in the room I cannot remove the carpet without coming back Tuesday.
Please remember, this is not a hoarding or clutter cleanup. A hoarding cleanup will require a second day and another quote. I will need a second day because I have another cleanup that must be done on time; someone else sent a full email before you emailed.
 You have been talking with one of the coroner's suicide cleanup companies. What spores? If I said that I was going to remove the "spores," which spores if any? Is this a plague cleanup?
If I said that I was going to "remove spores" in the air, how would I prove that they are there let alone prove that I removed them? Suicide cleanup with spores in the air sounds like mold cleanup.
This is what I will do for $4,750 cash:
I will remove blood and death soiled bedding and pillows,
I will take the mattress apart,
I will seal soiled areas of the mattress springs,
I will take the box springs,
I will treat and remove the below carpet and carpet padding,
I will decontaminate, scrub and rinse the soiled floor.
I will seal the soiled floor once cleaned,
I will remove the bedroom's carpet and carpet padding so long as there is not a lot of clutter and hoarding material.
I will decontaminate and remove all blood and death soiled materials related to the death scene, bed and below.
This is all I can say or do for the time and the price.
Please advise if you care not to use my suicide cleanup service.
eddie evans


The Moveout

 <<Were actually going to get a big dumpster dropped off and are going to throw a lot away next time. >>
1. This is the best step, a dumpster; your biggest job then is learning to make decisions and destroying. You may want to have a sludge-hammer available to break stuff (for more room) if not a saws-all, which I prefer because it's safer than a skill saw. (homedepot) -- It gets expensive, but cheaper for you overall.
2. Be sure the dumpster company leaves the dumpster loading door facing your front door and/or garage door. Sometimes they don't care and leave the wrong end toward the house; any excuse and they won't even leave it.
3. You will want to buy a large trash-container-on-wheels to help speed the process. You will want to place stuff in it and wheel it out to the dumpster; pull it to the back of the dumpster and leave solid waste at the far end. This means that you do not throw the big stuff in first. If you do you will not be able to take full advantage of you trash can on wheels.
4. Glass can be shattered inside the house, inside the trash can on wheels, or in the dumpster. Of course eyes must be protected. Other breakables may also be broken if you need room.
5. Save the couch for last because you may need it as a stepping stool.
6. A big deal is keeping your solid waste below the top of the dumpster. So plan ahead.
7. You'll know by quitting time if you need to cutup furniture and other large objects.
8. I recommend a slow steady pace with safety as the first priority, especially in that heat.
9. Keep ahead of yourselves and you'll be safer and stronger with more room to dispose of solid waste.
10. Without the odor there's no need for structural damage; Zinnsser B-I-N after bleaching again is the key to your floor; nonporous surface cleaned with a following disinfectant like bleach to 9 parts water is a good way to go in the kitchen.
11. I would have a good hose ready. Also invest in a nice window squeegee because it's easier to dump cabinet stuff in your trash can on wheels, then hose out the cabinets, then squeeze the water out (Don't you love Las Vegas heat!). Do the same to the kitchen floor after scrub, rinse and disinfecting.
12. Homedepot sells  stone floor cleaning products for your stone floors; be sure to place a sealer on these floors. I recommend a wax/sealer for the kitchen and bathroom floors.
13. I recommend ZEP Citrus Degreaser. There's plenty of others; you may want to invest in a garden sprayer for one solution to use on toilets, the refrigerator, and kitchen.
14. I couldn't stop on 13 so here's 14.  The carpet will become a bit of an issues because of the steps; not so much the steps but the hand-rail supports. I'll send a picture of a very dangerous but very useful carpet cutter. I call it "bloody Marry" for good reason.

Making decisions and destroying might be done before you begin. You might want to talk about it a bit.

By the way, I've started writing about suicide on one of my suicide cleanup web pages found on

Good luck and I hope my long-winded comments help.
Eddie Evans