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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

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I hear about suicide and I forget; I see during suicide cleanup and I remember; I write about suicide and I understand. At least I hope to understand more about suicide by writing about suicide and my suicide cleanup experiences. I also need to comment that my first three sentences arose from an Chiness proverb.

So of all things to write about, why not write about something less depressing than suicide?

Suicide Cleanup for Families

Too often families are led to price gouging suicide cleanup companies. I know this because I've been in the suicide cleanup business for over 11 years

.Please be advised that suicide cleanup is biohazard cleanup. This means that wet blood, moist blood, dry flaky blood, or objects capable of releasing blood when compress are on the suicide scene. If you choose to do suicide cleanup then do it with patience and enough time to do it right. Read on for more information of course, they give yourself plenty of time and be patient.

About 10 years ago I don't think I could've imagined a county employee from the cornoners department lying to a suicide victim's family. I don't think I could thought it would corners employ lying to a homicide victim's family. That they do and they do it routinely.

Their primary motive, homeowners insurance. Those homeowners insurance companies pay $20,000 to $30,000 for suicide cleanup at times. We need to realized that 10% of $20,000 or $30,000 is comes out to $2,00 to $3000. Add that to a bilingual weekly, guaranteed county employee payroll check. We quickly see how and cornoners' employees are going to make out big time. I wonder if the internal revenue tax people know about this cheating?

County employees keep their monopoly tightly griped. If you think our national security remain in good hands, county employees have better hands when it comes to secrecy.

County employees, even some police officers, tell families that they cannot "clean up that mess." They mean that a suicide victim's family cannot legally do suicide cleanup for their family member; incidentally, too often, these county employees direct families to a select group of suicide cleanup companies.

You need to know this.

Families have every right to do suicide cleanup in their own home. What government agency, besides corrupt coroner and county administration agencies, would dare lie or mislead the public? I've covered this above.

Yes, you can legally do suicide cleanup.

So yes, you can do this cleanup.

People who must do suicide cleanup for money need to have blood-borne pathogen training. I recommend that you take time for Internet training on blood-borne pathogen ideas before doing suicide cleanup, but it is not necessary. It is not necessary so long as you do not intend to make money at this blood cleanup work.If you do intend to do this work, fine. Go to the Internet and search for do-it-yourself blood cleanup. Also look for blood cleanup information written by university staff for janitorial work. From there you'll start to get the idea.

Some people believe that this sort of cleaning causes traumatic stress for those related to loved ones. Some people believe that doing this type of work by anybody leads to psychological trauma no matter what. I do not hold this opinion.

I do know for a fact that some people do suicide cleanup for their family never forget the event. These people believe they would've been better off without that experience. If you feel the same going into this work then you better back off give some thought to what you're doing. Maybe you can have a friend or relative help.


What can be done depends on your circumstances. If you are in your own home or the home of the suicide victim, and are no concerns with visitors coming into the home anytime soon, then you have some leisure time and need not make hard decisions for some time.

For example, if a suicide occurred in a bedroom on or near a mattress, you have some time. Your primary problem becomes odors. Flying insects like wise in their larva become a problem too. Still, you have options.

Supposing no one needs to come into the home or the bedroom for a while, days or weeks or even months, you can mask the entire death scene.

How to mask a suicide on a bed.

There are many ways to do it needs to mask a suicide on a bed. If you have weeks or months before anything must be done and you cannot do this job or have the money to pay for the job, try one of these ideas.

You can place a large plastic tarp over the mattress and all of the betting. Then by placing heavy objects like furnishings upon the tarp, orders may be diminished if not reduced completely. Formatter and stains on walls, a heavy coat of sprayed Zinnsser B-I-N paint primer and sealer will help block odors. Plus, the unsightly nature of this matter becomes less offensive.

Any manner creating odors can be sealed given time and material to seal it. Pots and pans can be placed over matter on the floor. Tarps can be placed over matter. Peace is a carpet can be placed over matter with weights on the carpet. Plastic tarps are referred, though.

Tech, black plastic bags for construction found at Home Depot or Lowe's hardware stores will also serve as sealers for the short term. I have known people to find clean dirt and placed dirt over plastic bags and over tarps.

Others without the money, have used playing clean dirt to help seal blood and death overs. Then they have walked away from the suicide scene where as long as six months. When they return they have a different state of mind. Owners are down, diminished, or depending on weather and other circumstances, orders are gone. Where Windows can be left open and a fan blowing a long period of time, voters will certainly be down. So long as enough dirt covers biological matter nature will take its course.The object here is not to hide the death scene.

We want nature to take its course while odors diminish. As orders diminish, the competition takes its course and the death scene dries out. Once tried out we say that the death scene has become inert. Now, at least in theory, with a thoroughly dried out death scene, we should have no thriving suicide cleanup risk.

Once a family member or other person believes that they can handle this death scene, then they can decide if they wish to begin moving the dirt. Or if the other type of case, they can decide if it's time to remove the plastic bags or the tarp. They should know soon enough if they can begin work. Should they begin work, they are always free to stop.

After taking time off they may be able to come back and work some more. In this way they build up a psychological and emotional resistance to the insight weakness of this suicide scene. Plus overs are down if not gone. Plus they are working with dry matter and not matter in a spoiling condition and losing fluid blood or flaky blood.

Beware, creates a biohazard. Do not let it become airborne. Usually it's a good idea to spray a light mist of bleach and water on dry flaky blood. If not bleach and water, use hydrogen peroxide from Walmart, Targe, or your neighborhood supermarket.

Suicide cleanup the day after

Suicide clean up the day after or within a week to follow take some time and patience. Let me rephrase that. You will need time and patience, period, you will need 2 to 4 gallons of bleach. You should have at least a good straw broom if not a good plastic room.

You may need a sharp pair of scissors. If cutting a mattress or other tough fabric like carpet, you should have a bloody Mary, which means that you should have a very good carpet cutting tool. See my picture of the bloody Mary. It is available at Home Depot in the carpet department. I cannot praise this tool enough. And I cannot urge anyone strongly enough, beware of this tool. It can cause a deadly accident quite quickly because it is so sharp.

Complacency with a very sharp cutting tool leads to very serious trauma cuts. Do not end up cleaning up your own blood because you let a sharp tool fool you. Dare not allow a complacent attitude when working with this tool; its ease-of-use may cost you dearly. I know too well about this part of suicide cleanup and I have the scars to prove you.









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