Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs

Read this and save yourself some money. Stop the chislers.

There are no crime scene cleanup jobs for private sector job seekers.

There are no crime scene cleanup jobs for most of us. It's about your local government's corrupt employees, not about jobs for the rest of us.

Eddie Evans


Your local government does not care.


See government monopoly graphic.

Government employees seized the crime scene cleanup business for their own profit. They use family, friends, and corrupt crime scene cleanup companies to pay kickbacks for information. Entire local government departments have gone over to cronyism. Consumers lose. Everyone looses, except government employees and corrupt crime scene cleanup companies.


There are very few crime scene cleanup jobs. Those that do exist are far and few between. Think of how many people that you can fit in a Volkswagan. Now think about how many Volkswagans populate our roads. Now think about crime scene cleanup companies. This analogy might skew the true perportions here, but the fact remains there are too many crime scene cleanup companies and too few cleaning opportunities.

If you want to read more go to crime scene cleanup and read about How Crime Scene Cleanup Works.

Also go to Yahoo, Google, and Bing and search for information about nursing and other medical jobs. The medical field has tons of different types of jobs and the pay cannot be beat in many cases.

Think of the American taming of the wild west. Those who arrived first became owners of the choice land. Some of those who came latter made it big because of their relationship to the US Congress, like the railroad companies. They received choice land grants in perpetuity, which means they got free land for being railroad companies. It's like that in other businesses, especially crime scene cleanup.

If you were to find a job in crime scene cleanup as a wage earner, do you think you could profit? Not likely. Those in ownership reap the profits, not those doing the dirty work. Granted, a few, very few, actually government-free companies exist in the biohazard cleanup companies. But these companies have other sources of income, like water damage and restoration.

People in need of a blood cleanup company will almost, necessarily, come into contact with a corrupt cleaning company. I keep a crime scene cleanup hot-line for those in need of blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. But there's only so much that I can do.

The important outcomes are these:

  • Quality cleaning,
  • Fair price,
  • Courteous service,
  • Proper disposal of biowaste and/or its destruction,
  • Help with discarding odor contaminated items and bulk items.


Visit Orange County consumer fraud if you would like to learn more about how crime scene cleanup works. My name is Eddie Evans and I am here to help those in need of professional cleaning and to fight corruption in local government.


Visit my crime scene cleanup training page. Read my crime scene cleanup book if you would like to learn more.




Eddie Evans, Professional Cleaner






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