Nevada Blood Cleanup Narrative

I'm Eddie Evans and I offer blood cleanup services for Nevada residents. Whether a household or a business, I offer blood cleanup services following homicides, suicides, unintended deaths, and accidental deaths. I have over 16 years in the blood cleanup business as well as infectious waste cleanup in general.

Nevada blood cleanup services should not cost thousands of dollars. After all, blood cleanup is a janitorial service, although it does have some biohazard cleanup indications. It's considered a "biohazard cleanup" activity because the American Center for disease control in Atlanta, Georgia, human blood contains human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV) and hepatitis C viruses. Hence, the "biohazard" attached to the meaning of human blood cleanup.

What this means is that Nevada blood cleanup practitioners as employees working for a profitable business must have blood-borne pathogen training. Bloodborne pathogen training is not required for families cleaning up blood in their own home. To defeat blood-borne pathogens during a blood cleanup following a homicide, suicide, or unattended death, certain practices can be followed to help reduce the risk of contaminating oneself with dangerous viruses.

What are the risks of human blood cleanup?

The risks are not as great as some Nevada blood cleanup company employees would have us believe. If they were so great, we would see more fatalities in the medical field; however, there are a large number of casualties in the medical field from needlestick injuries.

Risks totally eliminiate the risks of blood cleanup hazards. But blood cleanup risks can be kept to a minimum with forethought and safe practices. It's always important to keep an awareness of where one's hands are at, for example. This may seem odd. The truth is that when cleaning most of us begin to pay less attention to our immediate environment and let our minds drift off to what we planned next or to what we've done in the recent past. As a result we lose track of where our hands move at any one moment.

It seems only natural to place her hands out of sight when lifting and moving mattresses or other furnishings, for example. So when doing blood cleanup work it's important to remember not to place the hands anywhere that the our eyes have not first scoped out for safety.

In fact, needlestick accounts for the vast majority of employee related contraction of blood-borne pathogens. Not only doctors and nurses, the nurses aide Jane janitorial staff are sometimes injured by needlestick. This is especially true when handling bedding.

Overall, though, our species is done well enough when it comes to blood cleanup following the death of a loved one in a home. It's simply a matter of taking precautions. Precautions would include something like the following:

  • Wearing eyes, nose, and mouth protection,
    wearing rubber gloves
  • Using disinfectants like bleach, rubbing alcohol, and cleaning solution no one to kill bacteria and viruses (Simple Green, Pine-Sol)
  • Disposing of waste materials and thick plastic bags for proper disposal.
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What I Do

I personally take telephone calls 98% of the time. And when I do not answer the telephone personally, my wife answers it for me. I usually prefer to ask questions rather than listen to a description of events, scenes, and concerns. By allowing me to ask questions I can focus both the caller and myself upon the blood cleanup scene more easily and obtain a more accurate vision of what needs to be done.

After 16 years in the blood cleanup field I've learned that callers usually do not know what they're looking at. Course I know they realize they're looking at a horrific scene in most cases, but what they don't know is what's happened beyond what they see. For example, when a death occurs on a mattress in the decedent has laid upon the mattress for hours or days, body fluids will have made their way by force of gravity blankets, sheets, mattress covers, cotton and foam stuffing, and on down to the mattress bottom.

From there it will have migrated, possibly, to the surface of the mattress box and through the mattress box to the floor below. It reaches the floor and the floor is carpeted, possibly the fluids have drained through carpet fiber if the floor is carpeted. It may have made its way through two layers of carpet lattex to the floor below. If a wood floor, the floor will probably need to be scrubbed, rents, decontaminated, and possibly sealed. The same will occur if the floor is concrete.

In rare cases when the body has been down for a prolonged period of time, and these are rare cases, a wood floor may need to be cut out to remove the soiled and damaged wood. In rare cases, concrete floors will need to be ground and this occurs most rarely. In fact, when it comes to blood cleanup of a heavily soiled concrete floor, the blood will come out of the surface fours of the concrete in most cases unless the concrete floor was poured within the last 12 to 18 months. This can occur when the concrete furnishers failed to give a proper finishing touch to smooth out bubbles on the concrete surface.


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Prices - Below $1,000 in many cases. $1,200 average blood cleanup fees over 16 years. Overall, expect fees for blood cleanup between $700 and $1,500. Call at any time to ask questions and receive a quote on the telephone. I stick with my telephone quote.

My blood cleanup prices for many types of homicide, suicide, and unattended death are below $1200. In some cases involving large-caliber weapons my prices can go up to $1600. When my prices go over $1000 it's because extensive deep cleaning, demolition, and minor restoration work must take place. On occasions when a family or business needs to save money, I can do the initial cleaning to remove biohazardous material and leave the restoration work for them to complete painting would be one example. This works out well because I'm not a professional painter and when I do pain it's only as a "sealing" cover-up primer.

Some of my Nevada customers have required blood cleanup in homes and commercial buildings without electricity or running water. In such cases my prices will include cleaning solution chemicals, cleaning tools, and cleaning equipment. If electricity and water are needed, I can include use of my generator for an additional $40. The cost more to rent a generator and $40 in many cases. This becomes especially important when cleaning must go on for two days or longer. Additionally I can find a way to bring water if needed.

I also have a feces cleanup service for Nevada residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Feces cleanup includes human, dog, deck, rat, mouse, bird, and wild nature in general.



Feces Cleanup Service - For very large feces cleanup tasks only.

Human - Dog - Cat - Rat - Mice - Bird

Who might be interested in a feces cleanup business service?

Over the years people call me included families living out-of-state from Nevada in the of my feces cleanup service for a loved one in Nevada. Sometimes the family will inherit a deceased parent or siblings home. And the home will need hoarding cleanup, filthy housecleaning, or feces cleanup, or all of these services. On one occasion my feces cleanup service was involved in an unattended death cleanup scene. The scene also includes sewage cleanup at the foot of the master bedroom bed, and in front of a fireplace in the downstairs then.

By "sewage" I'm using a polite term for areas of the floor used for urinated and defecating. Of course, my fees for this service are much higher than quoted above as you can imagine. But, nonetheless, the service is available for those families in need. You can expect more than one day of service needed for this type of cleaning were a death scene is involved as well. But I do my best to get done in one day. The longer I stay, as we might guess, the more I must charge for the death scene cleanup and the feces cleanup work.

I once cleaned a four-story factory that had been vacated for a decade. I school students from a neighboring high school through rocks through the factory Windows which gave access to the building by hundreds of pigeons. I was hired to remove the pigeon feces, poop. If you didn't know, bird poop cleanup is highly infectious cleaning work. It is from bird feces that may human flu arrives. So I must charge accordingly.


Nevada Services

My blood cleanup service includes the removal of human blood and other types of infectious waste. And includes a cleaning and disinfecting of blood soiled areas.

In the case of unintended deaths, my blood cleanup service includes removal of furnishings once soiled by blood. My service protocol requires that I removed blood as far as possible from furnishings as well as carpet. So this means that I "reduce" blood from mattresses, couches, reclining chairs, loveseats, carpeting, and other furnishings. I'm required to dispose of these materials properly.

Likewise, disinfecting takes place on an ongoing basis during cleaning.

As noted above, I offer infectious waste cleanup services throughout Nevada.

Why would anyone hire me and not another blood cleanup or infectious waste cleanup company for their Nevada cleaning needs?

Usually my prices lower than my competitors. My prices are lower because I own my own business since I began this blood cleanup business over because I have no employees I'm not required to provide vehicles for employees. I do not have the cost of employee insurance programs. I do not have the cost of Social Security or vacation pay.

Likewise, I have no ethical or moral need to supply medical insurance for employees. Of course I don't need to pay into a retirement program for blood cleanup employees other than Social Security. So you can see how I have reduced operating costs compared my Nevada blood cleanup competitors.







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